17 Easy Ways of Organizing Kitchen Countertops

A cluttered kitchen countertop never looks good, does it? I believe the kitchen countertops should be clean and organized in order to have a nice time while cooking.

The one rule I follow here is that I never overflow my kitchen countertop with kitchen appliances and dishes.

I have designated areas for each of the appliances and accessories to keep the kitchen countertop free of clutter.

If you are looking for some nice and easy ways of keeping your kitchen countertop organized, these tips will definitely help you.

17 Easy Ways of Organizing Kitchen Countertops

1. Keep all of your cookbooks in a magazine holder

If you love cooking, I am sure you have many cooking books. I am kind of an old school person. So I prefer to follow cookbooks rather than looking for recipes on the internet.

I have kept a file folder in one corner of my kitchen countertop. It helps me to find the cookbooks right away as well keeps my kitchen countertop free of clutter.

2. Hang a shower rod over the counter

You can hang a shower rod over your kitchen countertop. With the help of some S-shaped hooks, you can easily hang coffee mugs, oven mitts, and other utensils, etc.

3. Mount a floating shelve in your kitchen

If you want to keep your kitchen countertop organized, the very first thing you need to follow is to keep it free of clutter.

I used to keep my blender in the countertop, and it took a lot of space. So I decided to mount a floating shelve to keep my kitchen appliances there.

4. Hang baskets in the shower road and store items in them

You can get a few cheap dollar store baskets for this. These baskets are big enough to hold your kitchen accessories.

I kept a few mason jars in the baskets, which contain a few of my regular cooking ingredients.

5. Install a paper towel holder

Do not keep your paper towel in the kitchen countertop. Instead, install a paper towel holder near your cooking area.

You can find these paper towel holders online as well as superstores.

6. Make a coffee station

In one corner of your kitchen countertop, you can make your own coffee station. I have bought a tray where I keep sugar, milk, and my coffee mugs.

My coffee maker resides just beside it. The coffee station makes me happy every morning when I come to make coffee.

7. Organize your dish soap and sponges in a cake stand

You can grab such cake stands from your nearby dollar store. I love this idea because it enhances the beauty of my kitchen with an aesthetic look.

I use a beautiful glass jar to keep my dish liquid, and I keep the sponge in a small bowl.

8. Keep your frequently used ingredients in a tray

Grab a tray and keep all the things you need every day for cooking in one place. For example, I keep oil, salt, pepper, butter, in the tray.

I need these ingredients every now and then while cooking. That’s how you won’t be needing to go to the pantry every time you cook something.

9. Purchase a knife block and put it in the kitchen cabinet

I see that a lot of people keep their knife blocks in the kitchen countertop. It looks like a bad idea to me as it takes a lot of space.

Rather, I keep my knife block in the cabinet. I grab the knife whenever I need and put it back after cleaning.

10. Keep a rolling cart in your kitchen to store extra items

This hack will serve you well, especially if you have a small kitchen countertop. There are so many things in the kitchen while you cook.

Well, keeping a rolling cart can make your kitchen countertop free of clutter. I keep some of my electronic appliances in the rolling cart.

I keep my baking ingredients and the accessories in the cart as well. Trust me; it is really convenient.

11. Store tongs and spatulas in mason jars

Get two or three mason jars and organize your kitchen utensils like tongs, spatulas, etc. in the mason jar.

You can decorate and label the mason jars that will add more beauty to your kitchen countertop.

12. Make a toaster station

Similar to the coffee station, you can make a toaster station as well. If you keep them in the correct way, these will not take a lot of space.

Get a basket and place your toaster in it. Beside the toaster, place a bowl of butter, bread, a knife, etc.

13. Keep a small vase with flowers in the countertop

While you focus on how to organize your kitchen countertop, you should also focus on the decoration.

Keeping a vase with flowers will make you feel happy every time you look at it. Don’t believe me? Give it a try.

14. Place a wicker basket to organize small items

If you can find a proper space to organize and keep small items in your kitchen, try using a wicker basket. Keep it in the kitchen countertop and use it to organize all of the small items.

You can also use the wicker basket to hold your spices. Although I prefer to use a spice rack, you can try it based on your convenience.

15. Get a magnetic knife stripe

If you can’t find the right space to place the knives, you can get a magnetic knife stripe.

You can install the magnetic strip in the wall over your kitchen countertop. It’s very easy and convenient to use.

16. Use a bread box to store your bread

I have found a cute little bread box from Walmart, and I use it to store the bread. I kept it beside my toaster.

17. Declutter your kitchen countertop whenever you need to

Last but not least, you need to declutter your kitchen countertop. Do not keep all the items in your kitchen countertop.

Make more space in the cabinets and move items to the cabinet from the counter.

These are some of the ways how I keep my kitchen countertop organized and clutter-free. If you have any more ideas related to this, please share it with us.

Also, comment down below if you have any queries.

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