19 Useful Desk Organization Hacks to Improve Your Productivity

Keeping the working place organized can get tough, I understand. You probably don’t know how much you can increase your productivity if you have an organized working space and desk.

It is said that, when your desk is cluttered and unorganized, you will fee like there is too much work to be done.

As a result, you will be in pressure and stress, which will decrease your productivity. Also, when you keep your desk organized, it reduces the amount of time you need to look for things.

I find it most effective because I cannot concentrate on my work when there is chaos all around. That is why I will be sharing 19 desk organization hacks that will definitely improve your productivity.

19 Desk Organization Hacks to Improve Your Productivity

1. Do not let the wires show up in front of you

When you keep the wires of your laptop, phone, or keyboard, your desk will look like a mess. If your table has a slot already, hide them underneath.

Or, attach a few binder clips on the side of the table and hang the wires.

2. Get a penholder if you do not have one already

Don’t tell me that you do not have a pen holder on your desk. It is a must. I will suggest you get those pen holders that have an additional section to store small notepads or sticky notes.

3. Try to avoid keeping papers in your desk as much as you can

It is a great idea to go paperless. But it is not always possible because of the important files and emails.

If you have a soft copy, there is no need to keep that particular piece of paper on your desk. Organize the soft copies in separate folders on your laptop.

4. Make a to-do-list and keep it in front before you start working

You will need a maximum 5 minutes to make a to-do-list for your work. Plan out the whole day.

Write down the errands that should be done that day and estimate possible time to finish each task. That is how you become productive.

5. Store the paperwork in different file folders

You can purchase a few file folders online. Keep you’re the papers in the file in separate sections category wise.

The interesting thing about these file folders is that they have separate compartments.

6. Do not forget to label the paperwork as you go

When you store all of the paper works in the file folders, you need to label them. You can use a label maker, or you can DIY.

I have labels for each of the sections in my file folders.

7. Purchase a desk organizer

You will find organizers especially made for work. These organizers usually have a particular space to store pens and pencils.

These also come with a section where you can keep your recent papers. Also, little notepads and chargers and headphones.

8. Keep your office accessories in the drawer in separate compartments

The desk drawers usually do not have any dividers. That is why I decided to purchase a few mini baskets from the dollar store.

I use one to keep sticky notes, another to keep paper clips, another for binder clips, etc. It helps me to find the right thing at the right time; thus, let me stay productive.

9. See the magic of inspiring quotes

You can write down some of your most favorite inspiring quotes and attach them to the wall. It will remind you to achieve your success while you work and feel stressed.

10. Get a tackle box to store the small office supplies

The little office supplies like paper clips, binder clips, stapler pins, etc. tend to get missing, don’t they? Do not make a mess in your desk with these little supplies.

Get a tackle box with at least 6-8 compartments and store the items there.

11. Use plastic containers to store other items

There might be many different types of items. For example, a calculator, marker, laptop charger, etc. Get a few plastic containers and keep them in the desk drawer.

Then store all these items in the containers.

12. Keep your desk cleaned to increase productivity

You cannot work in a dirty desk filled with dust, can you? It is very important to keep your desk clean while you work.

Before sitting to work, wipe the dust away.

13. Add some personal touch to your desk

Working doesn’t mean you need to maintain everything in a corporate way. Add a few little personal touches on your desk.

I keep a small plant in the corner of my desk just because it makes me feel good.

14. Keep a notepad in your desk organization

You should always keep a notepad on your desk. The notepad will help you to be organized while you work. When you decide and plan out everything, it helps you to be more productive.

15. Keep a bin beside your desk

I always keep a small bin beside my desk. I throw out the paperwork that I won’t be needing anymore.

Do not keep the papers for throwing away later. Get rid of them as soon as you know you won’t be needing them.

16. Do not keep piles of papers in your desk

Even if you do a job that relates to deal with a lot of paperwork, do not make a pile in your desk. If you need to deal with the papers on a regular basis, keep them in different file folders.

And keep those folders in a bookshelf.

17. Sort your mails

You probably get a lot of mails, and they just sit randomly in your drawer. Do not make a mess with the mails you get on a daily basis.

I will suggest you keep a magazine holder underneath your desk to store all the mails.

18. Make a separate zone for printing

Keep your printer and all of the printing supplies in a separate section of the room. Keep all of the offset papers in a file folder.

Make a container for paper clips and staples as well.

19. How about getting a label maker

When it comes to organizing, labeling is the ultimate hack to be successful. Get a label maker and label all the files.

Trust me; your work will be a lot easier.

These are the desk organization ideas that I use personally to keep my workspace neat and clean. The ultimate suggestion for you would be to organize the desk every day for 5 minutes before you sit for work.

Trust me; it will reduce a lot of pressure.

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