35 Ways To Organize with Magazine Holders

You will be surprised to see how magazine holders can be so useful to organize your house. A magazine holder sounds like a simple thing, doesn’t it?

I always love it whenever I come up with new organization ideas. I use magazine holders to organize different parts of my house.

Recently I have come up with a few more new ideas as well. I can’t wait to share them with you. Let’s see how you can organize your house with innovative and easy magazine holder hacks.

35 Ways To Organize with Magazine Holders

1. Use a magazine holder to store gift wrapping supplies

Gift wrapping supplies can get lost very easily in the paper clutter. That is why I use a magazine holder to store the gift bags, wrapping papers, scissors, glue, and scotch tape.

 2. Keep a few extra toilet paper rolls in the magazine holder

I always keep a few extra toilet papers in my bathroom. Rather than filling up the cabinets, I keep these toilet rolls in the magazine holder.

3. Mount a magazine holder in the corner wall of your bedroom

If you do not have enough space for a side table in your bedroom, you can mount a magazine holder in the corner of the wall.

Mount the holder vertically and store your money bag, watch, and daily necessary items.

4. Keep one magazine holder in your kitchen cabinet

These magazine holders will be very useful in the kitchen cabinets. You can store different types of goodies in the magazine holders that will prevent your cabinet from getting cluttered.

5. Store the craft supplies

You can also use magazine holders to store different types of craft supplies. The yarn and other fabrics will fit in perfectly in these magazine holders.

6. Store your hairdressing tools in the magazine holder

Do not make a mess in your countertop with hair styling tools. Store your blow dryer, hair straightener and curler in a magazine holder.

Install it in the bathroom wall or simply keep it in one cabinet.

 7. Store the cutting boards

Cutting boards can be tough to store properly because of their size. You can install a magazine holder in the door of your cabinet and store the cutting boards there.

8. Use as a shoe organizer

If you love to buy shoes like me, you probably need more space than a shoe cabinet. That I why, I store a few of my sandals and flip flops in the magazine holders.

I keep these magazine holders underneath my bed.

9. Use magazine holders to make more storage in the fridge

I have recently kept two magazine holders on the door of my fridge. I keep all the soda cans in one holder.

I use another for keeping the bottles.

10. Store the canned foods easily

Canned foods can also be stored in magazine holders. Weirdly, the size of most of the canned foods matches perfectly with the width of the magazine holders.

Keep the holder in the cabinet filled with canned foods.

11. Organize old storybooks with the magazine holder

The books that you have already read should be stored in a different way. If you do not have enough space in the bookshelf, store some of the old storybooks in the magazine holder.

12. Don’t let the mails and receipts make a mess

I am sure you are tired of collecting emails and receipts from all over your house. Hang a magazine holder near your front door and store the mails and receipts there.

13. Use the magazine holder as a pantry organizer

Do not clutter the kitchen cabinets with potato, onions, and garlic. Take a few magazine holders and store each item separately.

14. Make a perfect home for the foil papers

Foil papers do not usually fit in the kitchen cabinets. That doesn’t mean you will just keep them casually in the countertop.

Get a magazine holder and store the foil papers in it.

15. Store all of your purse in one place

Even if I have a good collection of purses, I never find the right one at the right time. That is why I store all of my purses in the magazine holders.

16. Keep fresh fruits in the organizer

Install two magazine holders in your kitchen to store all the fresh fruits. It will make you feel like eating the fruits before they get rotten. Also, they will be organized.

17. Store the baking pans in a magazine holder

If you love baking, you probably know how hard it is to store them properly. Mount a magazine holder in the backside of your door and store the baking pans.

18. Do not let the lids get missing

I often lose the lids of different containers, because I store the containers and the lids separately. You will never fall in this kind of situation if you store the lids in a magazine holder.

Install the holder in your kitchen cabinet.

19. Store towels in the magazine holders

You can roll up your bathroom towels and store them in a magazine holder. It will not take a lot of space and remember to roll up the towels before placing it in the holder.

20. Use the magazine holders as an alternative to corner shelves

If you do not want to spend too much on installing a corner shelf, I will suggest you install a few magazine holders in the corner of your room.

21. Keep a magazine holder in the printing zone

Your printing zone can get messy with all the paper clutters. Keep one magazine holder and store the offset papers in the holder.

22. Hide your messy cords in the magazine holder

I keep a magazine holder beside my computer table. I keep my laptop charger, phone charger, etc. in that magazine holder.

23. Store plastic bottles

You can store your plastic bottles in the magazine holder as well. Do not make a mess in your cabinet with the bottles.

Instead, take full advantage of the magazine holders.

24. Store all of your birthday and Christmas cards

I am sure that you have plenty of birthday and Christmas cards that you got from your friends and family.

Decorate a magazine holder and store all these beautiful memories in it.

25. How about placing the paper plates in the magazine holder?

If you use paper plates, you can store them in the magazine holders. As paper plates are sensitive, they can be broken if the other utensils in the cabinet put too much pressure.

26. Place a magazine holder beside your coffee maker

Why? Because you can store the coffee sachets in the magazine holder. I love to collect different types of coffees, and I can have a look at all of them at once with the help of the magazine holder.

27. Decorate your room with it

Ever wondered how you can decorate your room with a magazine holder? Well, I have installed a magazine holder in one corner of my room.

I put a small and light-weighted vase with artificial flowers. And I surrounded the area with fairy lights. You can do something like this as well.

28. Store your kid’s favorite snacks and chocolates in the magazine holder

I have a separate cabinet for my kid in the kitchen. There is a magazine holder in the cabinet, and I keep all the snacks and chocolates that my kid love in the holder.

29. Keep your old diaries in a magazine holder

If you had written diaries when you were a kid, you probably need a safe place to store them. I keep my teenage diaries in a magazine holder which stays in my closet.

30. Store your undergarments

Organizing and storing undergarments can be tough. That is why I have kept a magazine holder in my closet where I keep my undergarments.

31. Keep old newspapers in the magazine holder

Keep all of your old newspapers from the previous year in the magazine holder. That is how you can store them and recycle the items when needed.

32. Store tools in the magazine holder for your wooden project

If you are into wooden projects, unlike me, you can store the tools like a paintbrush, screwdriver, etc. in a magazine holder.

If you have a separate space for your wooden project, install the magazine holder in a wall.

33. Use the magazine holder to store your magazines

Sounds funny right? Well, I almost forgot the main purpose of a magazine holder. My magazines used to be all around my tabletop.

Use the magazine holder for a reason it is made in the first place.

These are the magazine holder organization hacks that I have come across. I love the ideas as they save me a lot of money.

Conventional organizers can be quite expensive to purchase. When you can do so much with a few magazine holders, why would you go for the expensive ones?

Let me know what you think about these ideas.

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