13 Easy Mason Jar Organization Hacks for Your Home

If you are planning to give your house a new look by organizing everything, you might need a good budget. There are different kinds of organizers available and they are quite expensive as well.

You might be thinking if there is any way to organize the house by not spending too much money. Well, I have one idea for you.

Use mason jars to organize your household items. These mason jars usually come with different sizes. As a result, you can organize different kinds of things with these mason jars.

I will share a few mason jar organization hacks with you so that you can easily organize your household items by not spending too much money.

13 Easy Mason Jar Organization Hacks for Your Home

1. Store crafting items in mason jars

If you love to do crafting projects, you need to organize these little crafting items properly. Gather a few mason jars and store the crafting items.

You can use several jars. As these jars are quite small, you can easily store glue, scotch tape, colors, buttons, and threads. Also, label the jars so that you know where you kept which item.

2. Turn the mason jars into spice holders

Take 4 or 5 mason jars and use these jars to hold your spices. Mason jars can be great in terms of storing spices.

As these are transparent, you can easily spot the spices. Do not forget to label each jar. You can also keep the mason jars in your pantry or kitchen drawers.

You can also use the little ones and attach magnets at the bottom and store them in your pantry. It is a classic way to organize spices.

3. Store baking ingredients in mason jars

Purchase a few large mason jars and store your baking ingredients in them. Make separate mason jars for flour, milk powder, sugar, etc.

As the jars are transparent, they will provide you a clear vision and cooking will be easier than before. I keep a few mason jars in my baking station as a result I find all the items for baking right away.

4. Make a match stick organizer

If you keep your match sticks in a mason jar, you will never lose them again. Take a box of match sticks and store them in a mason jar.

Keep it in one of the cabinets in your kitchen.

5. Use a mason jar as a pen holder

You can easily decorate a mason jar and turn it into a pen holder. Get rid of the lid and keep your pens and pencils in the jar.

I have two separate mason jars for my pens and pencils. I have also decorated them with a few coloring pencils and ribbons.

6. Store your medicines

You can make separate mason jars for your family members to keep each one’s medicines. I have one for myself and another for my husband.

I also keep a separated mason jar for the vitamin and calcium capsules. As these jars are transparent, you can easily locate your medicines.

If you have any elderly in your home, you can store their medicines separately in a few mason jars. It really helps as you can find all the medicines right away.

7. Give separate homes for dry beans, popcorns, and macaroni

Make sure you mason jars that have lids to store these items. I love to store dry beans, popcorns, and macaroni in the mason jars.

They just look so beautiful. If you can store these little items in the mason jar, your pantry will look like a grocery row from the superstore.

8. Store different colored threads in different jars

If you regularly sew, you probably know the hassle of storing threads and yarns. Get a few small mason jars and store the threads and yarns in them.

Use separate jars for separate colored threads.

9. Make a coffee station with mason jar

Keep your milk, sugar, and coffee beans in three separate mason jars. I have made a coffee station in one corner of the countertop in my kitchen.

I have placed my coffee maker on one side. I have kept the mason jars beside the coffee maker and decorated them and labeled them.

10. Keep kitchen utensils in mason jars

Take a large mason jar and store your kitchen utensils in it. For example, keep the tongs, spatulas in them.

You will not need to use the space in your kitchen drawer anymore. Keep the mason jar in one corner of your kitchen countertop.

11. Grow fresh herbs in mason jars

If you love growing herbs, then you can do it in the mason jars. They will look great in your living area or any other place in your house.

As I love gardening but I don’t have enough space in my backyard, I use mason jars to grow herbs and vegetables. You will not need to spend any money to buy expensive containers.

12. Use mason jars to store cotton balls

How about using a few mason jars to keep the cotton balls? Keep one large-sized mason jar in your bathroom and fill it with cotton balls.

I have one similar in my bathroom. I have colored the lid green that goes to the interior of my bathroom. It looks great on the countertop.

13. Give your makeup brushes home to themselves

If you are a messy person like me, you probably have already lost 2 or 3 of your makeup brushes. I used to lose my makeup brushes all the time.

Then I found an idea to store them in mason jars. Now I never lose my makeup brushes as all of them are in one place.

Apply these mason jar hacks and see if they work or not. I have mason jars in my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, almost in every room of my house.

You can purchase mason jars from your nearby dollar store or from online. Let me know what you think about these hacks.

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13 Easy Mason Jar Organization Hacks for Your Home

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