19 Extremely Easy Family Command Center Ideas for You

If you are the type of person who cannot remember each and every schedule, meetings, doctor appointments, etc. – which is completely fine – then, you have come to the right place.

The ultimate solution to save yourself from this is by building a family command center. A lot of people think it will take them quite some money to make one.

Believe me, there are so many unique family command center ideas that will make your every pennyworth.

You will never feel unorganized once you properly make a family command center. You can organize your bills, receipts, your kid’s school papers, schedules, etc.

I have a few easy family command canter ideas that I want to share with you. Below are the19 extremely easy family command center ideas that you can apply today.

19 Extremely Easy Family Command Center Ideas for You

1. Place a few file folders in the command center

I have 3 file folders, each dedicated to the 3members of my family. I keep the paperwork of my kid that needs to be signed in one of the file folders.

My husband uses one for his important files and schedules. I use mine to keep all the paperwork that I handle.

2. Write down the things you need to buy from the grocery store

Add a little notepad or paper in the command center and write down the things you need to buy from the grocery store.

Whenever you realize that you need something, write down the name of the product. Just grab the piece of paper before going to the store.

3. Make a large calendar at the beginning of each month

I always write down the due tasks on my calendar. That is why I have decided to make this habit for the other members of my family.

They also write down their meetings, homework submission dates, etc.

4. Attach a key holder in the command center

Keep all of your keys in one place. I used to keep my keys in a drawer, and I used to lose my keys all the time.

Hanging them in the command center using command hooks can be a great idea to find everything in one place.

5. Hang a basket in the wall for your mails

Keep a separate basket for all your mails in the command center. You can either use a wired basket or simply a file folder.

Don’t forget to label; otherwise, you might get confused.

6. Use a Mason jar to store all of your receipts

I used to have a habit of keeping my receipts in the handbags. As a result, I never found them when I needed them.

That is why I decided to use a mason jar to keep all my receipts in one place.

7. Add a mini bookshelf

If you have too much gone and can’t decide where to put all the things, then you can add a bookshelf. I have a mini bookshelf in my command center.

I use the compartments to keep different items like file folders, bags, baskets, etc.

8. Install a wide glass and write down the chores with a marker

If you do not like chalkboards, you can also use a glass to write down every day to-do list. One of my friends installed a glass and painted the background yellow.

The wall looks decorative as well as it serves them well. You can use a marker to write down the chores.

9. Place a vase and fill it with your favorite flower

Along with all the organizing accessories, put something in the command center that will make you happy. I often bring fresh flowers and put them in the vase beside my command center.

The flowers enhance the beauty of my command center.

10. Write down your goals in a chalkboard

How about hanging a small chalkboard and writing down all the long term goals? I find it quite effective as it reminds me of my goals every morning.

You can try it, see if it works or not.

11. Don’t forget to keep a pen holder in the command center

Keeping a pen holder in the command center is a must. Keep pencils, pens, markers in the penholder. It will help you to write down anything right away.

12. Keep a basket of shopping bags

I never find bags to carry or to take to grocery stores when I need them. That is why I keep a basket below my shelf so that I can find the bags right away.

13. Leave notes for your family members

Make a separate section in the command center. Use some sticky notes to leave notes for your family members.

If your kid is at school and you want to leave a message for them, use the note and stick it in the command center.

14. Hang your kid’s school backpacks

You can also add a few command hooks to hang your kid’s school backpack. I hang a few of the regular handbags that I use most of the time.

15. Make a charging station

I have made a charging station in the command center where I keep my iPad’s charger, phone charger, etc.

If you can make a charging station in the command center, you will never lose your chargers ever again.

16. Keep a separate container for stationeries

How about keeping glues, markers, staplers, sticky notes, all of them in a container? You won’t be needing to go to your room to take these and use them to write down anything.

You can use a plastic container or a basket.

17. Add more baskets to keep things more organized

If you need something more to add to your command center, extra baskets are a way to go. You can buy a few from the dollar store if you don’t want to spend too much money on these.

18. Add a piggy bank in the command center for your kid

Teach your kid to save money from their early childhood. To encourage them, keep a small piggy bank in the command center.

You can keep a Mason jar instead of a piggy bank as well.

19. Trust in minimalism

Last but not least, keep the command center minimalistic. Add some labels and don’t overflow the space with a lot of things.

Also, you can find a color theme that will enhance the look of your house.

If you find any difficulties applying any of these ideas, don’t hesitate to share here. We can share each other’s problems and find a solution.

Let me know what you think about these command center ideas.

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19 Extremely Easy Family Command Center Ideas for You

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