20 Easy Under the Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas You Must Apply Today

The kitchen is probably that part of your house, which is the hardest to keep organized. You need to organize your utensils, dishes, pans, cleaning supplies, trash bags, washcloths, etc. – all in one place.

Whether you have a tiny or large kitchen, you should know a few organization hacks that will save you a lot of space in your kitchen.

You should also take full advantage of the space underneath your kitchen sink. That place can be very useful if you know how to organize it properly.

Today I will share some of the easiest under the kitchen sink organization hacks that will make your life a bit easier.

20 Easy Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas

1. Purchase a few plastic bins

You can find these bins from your nearby dollar store. You can save a lot of space by place one on top of another.

These containers are great to hold your cleaning supplies, plastic bags, trash bags, etc.

2. Install a roll-out tray underneath the kitchen sink

It can also be quite annoying to bend down every time you need something underneath the kitchen sink. You can install a roll-out tray there.

So that you can pull out the tray and find the things you need.

3. Store unused kitchen utensils

You can use the space to store the kitchen utensils that you do not use regularly. For example, there are a few wooden utensils that I don’t use often.

I keep a magazine holder and store those utensils in it. I have kept the magazine holder underneath the kitchen sink.

4. Purchase an expandable under the sink organization

There are different kinds of under the sink organizations available in online stores. You can use these expandable organization so that you can make the full use out of the space.

You can store anything like your washcloths, sprays, brushes, etc.

5. Mount a wire basket in the space underneath the sink

If you want a cheaper option, you can also install a wire basket underneath the kitchen sink. These baskets are so cheap; you will not need to spend any extra money on this hack.

6. Install a few command hooks

As I said earlier in my blogs, I love command hooks. If you cannot come up with an idea, these can be of great use.

Install command hooks and hang your gloves, brushes, sponges, etc. in the space.

7. Use acrylic drawers

If you have old acrylic drawers, you can use them too. These containers are usually in perfect shape to hold your necessary items.

You can store your refills, gloves, sponges, etc. in the containers. Also, do not forget to label the draws.

8. Use an old paint can store items

When it comes to organizing, you can do it without investing much. Your household products will do the work.

Take an old paint can and place it underneath your kitchen sink. You can store all the cleaning sprays in it.

9. Get a two-story basket

You can also use a two-story basket with wheels. As a result, you can easily pull out the basket when you need it.

You won’t have to bend every single time you want to get the items.

10. Use a spice rack as a sponge holder

You can also use a spice rack to store your sponges. Keep the one you regularly use beside your skin.

On the other hand, keep the extra ones in this spice rack and install it underneath the kitchen sink.

11. Remove the extra packages

If you want to store your refills, I will suggest you open them first and pour them in a spray bottle. By removing the packaging, you will save a lot of space.

Also, do not keep the sponges with the plastic bags that come with them.

12. Get a portable cleaning caddy

Make a portable caddy. You can use a wire basket or a tray or any container. When you place all of your cleaning supplies in one place, you will be able to take all at once whenever you want to clean.

13. Keep items like baking soda, vinegar in one place

Take another container and keep all these cleaning essentials underneath the kitchen sink. Keep a spray bottle, a packet of baking soda, and a bottle of vinegar.

You will find all in one place.

14. Keep your cutting boards under the kitchen sink

If you do not have enough space in your kitchen, use that space underneath the sink to store your cutting boards.

It can be really hard to store cutting boards in the cabinet as they take up a lot of space. Get a magazine holder and store the cutting boards.

15. Install a towel bar underneath the sink

You can install a towel bar to hang all of your cleaning products. The spray bottles fit perfectly in a towel bar.

Use small baskets for storing scrub brushes, sponges, etc.

16. Get a pan organizer

I always suggest not to keep your pans in the kitchen cabinets. It will just take a huge amount of space.

You will find different sizes of pan organizers to fit underneath your kitchen sink. You can store the pans there.

17. Hang paper towels in a towel bar

You can also install another towel bar to store the paper towels. If you don’t have any other space in your kitchen to store extra paper towels, you can use the space beneath the kitchen sink.

18. Use a shoe organizer by cutting it in half

You can easily hang a shoe organizer on one side. At first, you will need to cut the shoe organizer in half. As the compartments are transparent, you can easily use them to store different types of items.

19. Hang buckets in rest of the empty space

If there is any space left in the area that is not being used, you can try hanging some small buckets. You can store anything like a brush, sponge, or another cleaning item.

20. Don’t forget to declutter

I always think that decluttering and organizing are interrelated to each other. Organizing becomes so easier when you declutter.

That is why declutter the area underneath the kitchen sink. Don’t keep those items that you don’t use anymore underneath the kitchen sink.

These are all mine under the kitchen sink organization ideas. As I said earlier, it doesn’t matter whether you have a tiny or big kitchen. You can always apply these hacks in your kitchen.

Let me know what you think about these simple and easy hacks.

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20 Easy Under the Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas You Must Apply Today

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