21 Easy and Affordable Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

I always love it when it comes to organizing my house. I used to live in a tiny apartment a few years back. It was that one place that taught me how to keep things organized even in a small space.

After I moved into my new house, all became so easy because there was plenty of space to organize all the things.

I have planned out everything and organized my kitchen beautifully. It gives me such peace of mind whenever I cook.

Also, you will be surprised to know how little time it will take to cook if your kitchen stays organized. I will share some of these easy and affordable ideas on how I organized my kitchen.

21 Easy and Affordable Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

1. Get a grocery bag organizer

If you can’t find a proper place to store your grocery bags, you can use a grocery bag organizer. You will find these online or any superstore.

You can mount one in the cabinet like me. After unloading the grocery items, keep the bag in this organizer. Pull out one whenever you need to.

2. Use plastic drawer organizers

Properly use the kitchen cabinets and drawers. I use a few plastic drawer organizers of different sizes. It helps me to keep things organized. Also, space is efficiently used.

You can get such plastic drawer organizers from the dollar store. It is a good idea to take the measurement of the drawers and purchase the organizers accordingly.

3. Mount a shower rod over the kitchen countertop

If you want to keep your countertop free of chaos, you can use this hack. I have mounted a shower rod over my kitchen countertop. I use it to hang my mugs and cups and a few kitchen utensils.

I find it quite convenient as it keeps my kitchen countertop free of chaos.

4. Mount a few floating shelves in the corner

If you have a small kitchen, you can try mounting a few floating shelves. It will add additional space to your kitchen.

Sometimes, there is not enough space in the kitchen cabinets. You can keep a few of your dishes or any electronic appliance on these shelves.

5. Use a rolling cart to organize baking supplies

You can try using a rolling cart to organize all of your baking supplies. I also keep my blender and baking pans there.

It saves me so much space in the kitchen. These rolling carts are quite great when it comes to organizing.

6. Hang that paper towel with a rod

Don’t keep your paper towel in the kitchen countertop. Rather, use a rod to hang it. It will be more convenient for you to use a paper towel.

7. Use glass canister for storing dry foods items

You can find beautiful canisters made of glass from your nearby superstore. Purchase a few label stickers, and there you go.

You can store all of the dried foods here. Label the items, and your pantry will look like a professional chef’s kitchen.

8. Purchase dollar store bins to organize everting

You will find different sizes of bins in the dollar store. Purchase a few and store your kitchen items. You can store food items, baking items, cookie cutters, utensils, or anything you like.

These bins are really cheap, and they do a great job in terms of organizing. Also, don’t forget to label them.

9. Organize cutting boards with a wired basket

Mount a wired basket in your cabinet. Use the basket to store the cutting boards. When you keep cutting boards in the cabinets, it takes a lot of space.

Rather than wasting the space of your cabinet, use it efficiently by keeping the cutting boards in the wired basket.

10. Store the cookies sheets and baking pans vertically

You can also use a metal file rack to do this. Use one cabinet to store all of your cookies sheets and baking pans.

If you can use a metal file rack, it will save more space.

11. Hang oven mitts in a command hook

Attach 2 command hooks in one of the cabinet doors of your kitchen. Use the command hook to hang the oven mitts.

You will never lose your oven mitts ever again.

12. Use a magazine holder to store foil papers

I always recommend everyone not to store foil papers in the kitchen cabinets. Rather use a file folder or a magazine holder to store the foil papers.

Foil paper can never be placed properly in the cabinets as it will take a lot of space.

13. Get a magnetic spice rack

I love the magnetic rack I bought from the dollar store. You can install the spice rack in the pantry. Some of these also come with labels.

As a result, you will find everything right away.

14. Store the utensils using S-shaped hooks

Install a few S-shaped hooks in the cabinet and hang the utensils. If you don’t want to hang them in the kitchen wall, use the cabinet instead.

15. Use mason jars for the tongs and spatulas

I use 2 mason jars to keep my tongs and spatulas. You can decorate the mason jar as well. Also, use a label maker to label the items.

16. Keep the potatoes in a file folder

If you can’t find a proper place to store the potatoes, use a file folder to keep the potatoes. You can also use a file folder to store them.

Similarly, you can store onions in the magazine holder.

17. Store the canned foods using magazine holders

I can’t emphasize enough how useful a magazine holder can be. Pick up all the canned foods and store them in a magazine holder.

18. Store your kid’s snacks in a shoe organizer

If your kid loves snacks, use a shoe organizer to store all of your kid’s snacks. These over the door shoe organizers are transparent so that you can see everything from the outside.

19. Use the space underneath the kitchen sink

Get a basket, fill it with all of the cleaning products. Now keep the basket underneath the kitchen sink.

The place under the sink is often ignored. But it can be of great use if you are smart. I keep all of my cleaning products there.

20. Make a coffee station on your countertop

If you are a coffee lover like me, this hack is a must for you. Get a tray and keep your coffee machine in it. Besides the machine, keep coffee mugs, a jar of coffee, and sugar.

21. Keep the dish soap and sponge in a cake tray

Get a cake tray from the dollar store. Use it to keep your dish soap and sponge beside the kitchen.

You can also use the tray to organize your spices.

These are all my kitchen organization hacks. You can try a few ones and see how they turn out.

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