40 Dollar Store Organizing Hacks for Home to Save Money

You might be planning to organize your house but do not have enough budget. What to do then? Well, there is a solution, and you can purchase cheap and interesting organizing items from the dollar store.

There are usually many different types of organizers, baskets, bins, etc. available in the dollar store. The great news is, they all are more or less around one dollar.

As a result, you can purchase plenty of items. And you will be surprised to know how remarkably you can use these organizing items for your house.

Below, I have shared 40 dollar store organization hacks with you, which will save your money and give you an organized home in no time.

40 Dollar Store Organizing Hacks for Home to Save Money

1. Use a basket as a towel holder

Purchase a small basket from the dollar store. Hang it horizontally in the wall of your bathroom.

Store your towels by rolling them up.

2. Get a file box for your hairdressing tools

Get a file box and install it in one of your bathroom cabinets. You can store all of your hairdressing tools in the file box.

3. Store your earrings in an ice cube tray

You can purchase a small ice cube tray from the dollar store. Then, use the tray for storing your earrings.

You can also store nose pins.

4. Install a small wire rack to hold jewelry

I have installed a small wire rack in my closet. I use the wire rack to store my bracelets and lockets.

It keeps them organized.

5. Make a gift wrapping organizer

You can use an old shoe organizer to store all the wrapping papers. Store the wrapping papers as well as the stationary items.

6. Store the ribbons in a basket with holes

You can use a small basket to store ribbons. Make sure the basket has holes in it. Place a rod inside the basket and place all the ribbons.

Pull the ribbons with the help of the holes.

7. Store ropes in a small laundry bin

You can use a small laundry bin from the dollar store to organize the ropes. It will hold the ropes in one place, and you will find them whenever you need them.

8. Hang your scarves in a hanger

Get a hanger from the dollar store. Hang all of your scarves in the hanger by tying them up. You can store up to 10-12 scarves in one hanger.

9. Install an extra shower rod

You can install an extra shower rod beside your shower area. It will help you to store and hang extra items.

Store small accessories by hanging them in a basket.

10. Use suction cups to hold shampoo

In your bathroom, use a suction cup and a rubber band to hang shampoos and conditioners. If you do not have any other way, you can easily use this method.

11. Store medicines in plastic containers

Grab a few plastic containers from the dollar store. Organize your medicines in plastic containers, and do not forget to label them.

12. Get a toothbrush organizer

You will find different types of toothbrush organizers in the dollar store. They usually come with separate compartments to store toothbrushes.

13. Hide crayons in a soapbox organizer

You will find different sizes of soapbox organizers in the dollar store. I use these boxes to store my kid’s crayons.

The crayons never go missing any more.

14. Store small toys in plastic baskets

You can purchase a few light-weighted plastic baskets from the dollar store. Use these baskets to store all the small toys that your kid plays with.

15. Place a cake stand in the bathroom

You can use a cake stand to keep your handwash, cotton swabs, etc. Place the cake stand in your bathroom, and your countertop will not look cluttered anymore.

16. Turn a storage bin into charging station

Get a storage bin made with cardboard from the dollar store. Label it and use it as a charging station. Your table will no longer look cluttered with cords.

17. Use a hanger and hooks to store baseball hats

Get a hanger and place a few S-shaped hooks. Now use these hooks to store all of your baseball hats in one place.

18. Renovate your pantry

Get a few small and large baskets from the dollar store. Place all of your food items, snacks, and other pantries separately in the boxes.

Label and your pantry will look more organized than before.

19. Organize stationery items with dollar store baskets

Get a few dollar store baskets. If you don’t like the vibrant colors, you can spray paint them with any color you want.

Store all of your stationery items in the baskets.

20. Store cutting board in a wire basket

Install a wire basket in your cabinet and store the cutting boards there. As a result, you can save a lot of space in your kitchen cabinet.

21. Use a magazine holder for paper plates

If you have paper plates that you hardly use, get a magazine holder and store the paper plates in it. You can also store other paper made items.

22. Hang a towel bar in your kitchen

The towel bar will help you to organize the pots and pans. Because pots and pans can take a good amount of space in the cabinets.

Hang a towel bar in the kitchen and use it to store pots and pans.

23. Use mason jars to organize pantry

You can get a few mason jars and store different types of beans, nuts, etc. in the mason jars. Get a few mason jars from the dollar store and label the items.

24. Organize spices with a dollar store spice rack

You will find different types of spice racks in the dollar store. You can store the spices easily. Your spices will be organized, and your kitchen will look clutter-free.

25. Store spoons and forks in small baskets

You will find small baskets where you can store your spoons and forks. Place them in a cabinet drawer, and your cutleries will be more organized than ever.

26. Keep those magazine cookbooks in a magazine holder

Get a magazine holder to store all of your cookbooks. Place it in one corner of the kitchen so that you can find everything in one place.

27. Store extra toilet paper rolls in baskets

Install two hooks in one corner of your bathroom and hang a basket. You can use this basket to store a few extra toilet paper rolls, just in case you need them.

28. Use a magazine holder for toilet paper rolls

Another idea is to use a magazine holder from the dollar store to keep a few toilet paper rolls in the bathroom.

You can store 2-3 rolls in one magazine holder that should be enough.

29. Place cotton and cotton swabs in mason jars

I can never get enough of these mason jars. You can get a mason jar and use it to store cotton swabs and another for cotton.

Keep the jars on the countertop.

30. Use the space under the kitchen sink

Get a small basket from the dollar store. Organize your cleaning products like sponges, sprays, cleaning brushes in the basket.

Keep the basket underneath the kitchen sink.

31. Use a candlelight holder to store nail polishes

If you have a big collection of nail polishes, you can use a light candle holder to store the items. They usually come in two-storied organizers.

Organize the dark-colored nail polishes in the bottom and light-colored in the top.

32. Store hairbands in the storage paper boxes

You will find different types of paper boxes in the dollar store. Get one and store all of your hair bands in it.

33. Make your fridge organized with small baskets

Get a few small baskets to place in your fridge. You can use these baskets to store fruits, vegetables, snacks, etc. in your fridge.

34. Store plastic bottles in a file holder

Do not make a mess with plastic bottles in your bedroom. Get a file holder from the dollar store and store all the plastic bottles in one place.

35. Keep a small laundry basket in your room

You don’t need to purchase those expensive baskets from the superstore, whereas you can find a cheaper one in the dollar store.

Keep one in your bedroom to store your dirty laundry.

36. Organize bathroom drawers with plastic bins

Get a few plastic bins from the dollar store. These are usually pretty small in size to fit perfectly in your drawer.

Organize your toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, tissue, etc. separately in the baskets.

 37. Store all of your craft supplies in cups

Get a few plastic cups from the dollar store. If you are into art and craft, use them to store your colored pencils, markers, glitter pens, etc.

38. Store gardening tools in wired baskets

If you love gardening, you probably know how useful those gardening tools are. Get a wired basket and store all of your gardening tools in one place.

39. Get a shower caddy

If you want to keep your shampoos and conditioners near you while you shower, you can purchase a shower caddy.

Hang it around the showerhead and place all the items there.

40. Store your sunglasses smartly

I have a good collection of sunglasses, and I keep all of them in my sunglasses holder. I got it from the dollar store recently.

It can store 9 sunglasses. I also kept a mirror beside the sunglass holder so that I can see myself while trying them on.

These are my most favorite and revolutionary organizing hacks for my home. I find these hacks so extraordinary because it will only cost you a small amount of money.

Let me know if you have liked these organizing hacks.

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