The Secret of Keeping Your House Clean All the Time

It can be tough to clean the house every single day. When you spend your entire weekend cleaning the house, it doesn’t feel good looking at it all dirty again on the weekdays.

I believe the secret of keeping the house clean all the time is to make a routine of doing little chores every day.

Keeping my house clean has become a tough job after I became a mom. Fortunately, I have gradually found out ways to keep things organized and clean.

I follow a few simple rules to keep my house clean all the time. The most important thing is to be flexible. Don’t be hard on yourself because there is too much going on around us.

So even if you keep your house unorganized and uncleaned for a day, that is okay. I am sharing a few of my secrets with you that will hopefully help to keep your house organized.

The Secret of Keeping Your House Clean All the Time

Set a routine and follow it

The first and foremost rule of a clean and organized house is to work on a regular basis to keep it like that. It doesn’t mean you need to mop the floor or organize the kitchen cabinets every single day.

You can divide the work and designate little chores for every day of the week. While making the routine, make sure it is achievable.

For example, pick one day of the week to clean kitchen cabinets. Pick another to do the laundry.

Clean your kitchen countertop right away after cooking

After you are done cooking, make sure to clean the countertop right away. Clean as you go. For example, if you are cutting some vegetables, wash the cutting board and knife right away.

Throw the leftovers and give you counter a wipe with a clean cloth. That is how you will never get a dirty countertop after cooking.

Run the dishwasher every day before going to bed

Never pile your dishes to wash in the morning. It is never a good idea. Your morning definitely will not be a good one if you see a pile of dishes in your kitchen after waking up.

So make a habit of running the dishwasher in the night. Then empty the dishwasher the next morning. Another thing I follow is to put the dishes in the dishwasher right away after we get done eating.

Don’t forget to make the bed after waking up

Make a habit of making the bed every morning after waking up. Try it for a week, even if you don’t want to. You will realize its actually a very easy task and will take only a few minutes.

If you can make this habit, trust me, your bedroom will never look uncleaned or unorganized. If the work is too much, tell your partner to do the same every other day.

If you divide work among your family members, it will be a lot easier.

Hang your clothes after coming home

If you have a habit of putting or throwing your coat or scarf on the chair after you come home, it is time to change the habit.

Putting clothes in bed, sofa, or couch is never a good option if you want to keep your house look organized and clean.

These little habits will make a big difference.

Put everything in the right place after using

Don’t keep your stapler in the table after using it. Keep it in the stationary box where it belongs. After reading a book, don’t put it in the couch or bed, place it on the shelf.

Keep all the things in the place where they belong. Trust me. This little habit will make your house look way cleaned and organized than ever before.

You will also be able to find everything in the right place.

Handle paperwork every day

You need to handle your paperwork every day. For example, if you get any mail, pick it up and place it in the mailbox.

If you have a kid and he/she bring paperwork every day, tell them to organize the papers right away. Always make sure that they don’t keep their homework on the couch or bed.

Teaching them these little habits will make a change.

Set Timer

Set a timer of 15 minutes and see how much work you can do. Fifteen minutes is good enough to fold some clothes, wipe the countertops, cabinets, clean the bathtub, etc.

Whenever I feel lazy to do the house chores, I follow this rule. You will be surprised to see how much you can do in 15 minutes.

You can increase the timer if you want as well. It will become a habit, and you will love doing chores every day for 15 minutes.

I used to set a 10minutes timer before. But nowadays I love organizing and cleaning my house. So I clean my house every day for around 30 minutes or sometimes longer.

De-clutter every now and then

If you don’t know how much change de-cluttering can bring into your house, it is time to try out. De-cluttering will help you to save a lot of space.

As a result, you will get more space to keep your important things organized. For example, don’t keep the old paperwork that is out of date and not needed.

Donate or sell the clothes that don’t fit you anymore. You can also do the same with your jewelries.

Give yourself a break

Don’t be hard on yourself if you cannot do the chores regularly. Everyone needs a break. After setting the rules, try to follow them.

Set one day of the week when you will spend some time on yourself rather than doing the chores.

These are the hacks I follow to keep my house cleaned all the time. There are times when everything is a mess, but that is perfectly normal for everyone.

Let me know what you think about these hacks. Try a few and see if they can help you or not.

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The Secret of Keeping Your House Clean All the Time

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