Organize Your Planner Supplies – 15 Tricks & Storage Ideas!

If you are a planning person like me, then you must have a lot of supplies that are cluttering your desk, shelf, or drawers.

All the planner stuff consists of different shapes, colors, and sizes. So, managing them in one place is not that easy as planning sounds.

The addiction of collecting different pens, washi tape, planner accessories never stops no matter how limited space you have in your desk. Storing planner supplies becomes a problem.

Today I’m going to share some of the storage ideas that I used and some ideas that might help you.

15 Planner Supplies Organization Hacks to Make You More Efficient

1. Use variera spice jar tray

Though it’s a spice jar tray, you can use it for keeping your washi tape collection in the drawer. It’s very handy and will fit your desk drawer effortlessly.

This tray is the perfect size for putting your washi tape rolls on. Now you won’t have to waste any time searching for your desired washi tape.

2. Use drawer dividers

You can make your own drawer divider by cutting out some cardboard boxes. This will help you to measure the size according to your needs.

You can put your washi tapes, stapler pins, ink refills, etc. here.

3. Try using Washi tape rings

You can put your washi tapes into washi tape rings and hang them on your pegboard to keep your washi tapes organized. Also, this will give your pegboard a decorative look.

4. Use a washi tape dispenser

For displaying your washi tapes all at once, you can use a washi tape dispenser.  It is super easy to manage your washi tapes with this, and you can stack your dispensers in a corner as well.

5. Organize your notebooks

Use cube shelves to keep your notebooks organized. You can bring them together on the basis of color-coding, size, or according to their usability.

This will allow you to find your notebooks quickly.

6. Use file manager

If you want to keep your colored papers organized, then use a file manager to store them. You can hang your file managers to the wall or keep them on your shelf.

7. Use spice racks on the wall

To save some of your desk space for actual work, you can hang spice racks on the wall to keep your notebooks and journals there.

You can also use it to hold your pen or pencil holders. It does not take much space in the room, but very useful.

8. Organize your stickers

Planner stickers are helpful to organize your notebook, events, and helps to beautify your work. Organizing planner stickers is easy.

If you have loose sheets, then put them in a file and keep it with other sticker books of yours in a magazine holder.

9. Use a pen case holder

Planner pens are the most difficult to store if you have like a million of them. It needs to be stored in a fashion that you can easily get the one you are looking for.

To help with that, one way is to store them in a pen case holder. Buy the one having multiple compartments so you can store more pens.

A fabric made pen case holder is very easy to carry when you are going out for work. You can also use a tote storage bag to carry a big chunk of your planner supplies.

10. Use a stackable desk organizer

A desk organizer helps you to use your desk space vertically. I prefer this method more than keeping my pens in different cups as it takes up my desk space horizontally, leaving a little space to work on.

A stackable desk organizer can help you to stack a lot of pens visibly. You can keep your pens in order by putting the ones together with the same shade, tip point, etc.  So, you can take out the one you need easily.

11. Hanging bucket storage solution

If you totally want to free your desk space, then buy two ingredients from a dollar store- picture hanging hooks and a few buckets. Put the hooks on the wall and hang the buckets from them.

Keep your different types of pens and pencils separately in them. You can also personalize your buckets to make them look beautiful and match your planning space.

12. Use acrylic display storage

Acrylic display storage is the best to keep your highlighters, rubbers, sharpeners, or other stationary stuff like punches, paper clips, pins.

Its see-through characteristic helps you to see your stuff from the outside without having to move anything.

13. Pegboard storage solution

An amazing storage solution is a pegboard. You can put it in any room to organize it. Use a pegboard to organize your planner supplies.

You can hang your scissors, normal tape, ribbons, and other holders but still manage to make it look pretty and not clumsy.

14. Keep your beads in yarn organizing kit

If you are a fan of collecting beads like me, then this idea might help you. Keeping your beads in different little containers can take much space and not a very helpful solution.

You can use a medicine organizing kit if you have a small collection. If you have a vast collection, then use a yarn organizing kit to hold your beads separately in little boxes.

15. Moving planner cart

If you don’t have a fixed area to work or want to expand your storage capacity, then using a moving cart is the best possible solution you can think of.

It is very handy to keep your things organized and move your supplies all around the house where ever you feel like working. Its shelves are of perfect space to hold your stuff.

These planner supplies organization hacks have really helped me to be efficient in my work and also inspired me to buy new planning materials.

How to organize happy planner?

The happy planners are the initial plan maps of a person. Organizing a happy planner means one person is updated about all the time regarding all the events.

The best way to organize a happy planner is to mark all the important events or work needed and point them out in the planner correctly.  As the information given in the planner is accurate, it is considered to be well organized. But it would help if you are careful about which task you prioritize in the planner to make the best out of it.

How do I organize my happy planner stickers?

Happy planner stickers can be stored in old photo cases, paper holders, or small storage boxes. You need to cut down the planner stickers’ accorind to the size you want to use in the future. After cutting the stickers, place them in the storage box you are using and keep them set aside for future use.

You can also use mini binders to bind the small pieces of the planner’s stickers to make it look like a sticker book. This way, you can easily go through the stickers and choose the sticker you want to use during the time.

What should you do first when organizing your planner?

The first thing you should do while organizing a planner is to make plans for the whole month or week you plan to map. The entire plan mapping should be done beforehand to give proper plan entry to the planner you want to maintain. Once you are done with the plan mapping process, you are now ready to write down your month or week plans in your planner.

How to store planner supplies?

Storing planner supplies may vary due to the different sizes and types of supplies elements. But some simple ideas can help you to store the planner supplies properly. This will allow you to find the necessary supply in due time. Those are:

  • Organizer box and dividers: Getting yourself an organizing box along with few dividers or small boxes will allow you to store the different planner supplies properly. This method will allow you to store the pens, stickers, clips, and washi tapes properly in their place.
  • Photo cases: The phot cases are another magical element for the planner supplies storage. You can store stickers or pens in the photo cases according to their sizes.
  • Paper holders: Paper holders can be a life savior in terms of storing planner supplies. You can also place the small sticker boxes in the paper holder and store all the elements in one place.

This way, you can reach out to any planner supplies whenever you need them.

What is washi tape used for in planners?

Washi tape is used to mark the important dates or notes on the planners. As the washi tapes can be pealed and reused, they are used to create marks or margins for important information planners.

The washi tape mainly creates the different sections in the planner to determine what is due, marking its importance.

Planning is enjoyable when you have all your things organized. I’m sure you have some organizing tricks of your own. Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Have a great time and happy planning.

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Organize Your Planner Supplies – 15 Tricks & Storage Ideas!

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