19 Easy Organization Hacks for Your Freezer That You Can Apply Today

We all have experienced a messy and unorganized freezer. If you are one of them, I am here to help you.

Organizing the freezer can be a tough job if you have a big family or a small freezer that is not enough to keep all the food items.

But if you can efficiently use the space in your freezer, you will be able to store a lot of items than you expect.

I will share a few freezer organization hacks that I myself apply to keep my freezer organized. These hacks are quite easy as well as cheap to apply.

Below there are 21 easy organization hacks for your freezer.

19 Easy Organization Hacks for Your Freezer That You Can Apply Today

1. Use labels to organize your food items

Labeling items always make everything easy. When you label the food items, you will be able to know where you kept a particular food item right away.

You can use a label maker as well as write down on your own.

2. Store food items in plastic baskets

You can find these plastic baskets at a very cheap price from the dollar store. Such baskets can hold up to 8 flat stacked items.

As a result, you will be saving a lot of space and your freezer will be more organized than ever.

3. Use glass jars to store fresh produce

If you are not finding any space to store your fresh vegetables, you can use large glass jars.

You can easily store the herbs by putting a small amount of water in the glass jars and by storing them in the freezer.

Also, as the jars are transparent, you will be able to find all of the items right away.

4. Get a few multi-purpose beans for the freezer

These multi-purpose beans will help you to store your breakfast items, vegetables, meats, etc. all separately.

Categorize the items and organize them based on that. You can use one bean for meats and another one for the veggies.

5. Don’t forget to vacuum seal before storing items

When you vacuum seals the food items, it saves a lot of space in your freezer.

That means, if you only have a few berries in a Ziploc bag, make sure to vacuum so that the air does not cause extra space in the freezer.

6. Recycle and reuse those milk containers

You can use your old milk containers to store items in the freezer. Store your veggies that you want to freeze in the milk containers.

You can also store onions, corn, and peas in the milk containers if you want.

7. Store water bottles with binder clips

Attach two or three binder clips in the middle and store the water bottles. That is how you will be able to store a few water bottles in a tiny place.

8. Defrost your freezer on a regular basis

Do not let the freezer to build up excess ice. Your freezer will look a lot messier with ice buildup and they can take a great amount of space.

If you see your freezer is overloading with ice buildup, it is time to remove it.

9. Store items vertically in Ziploc bags

When you store items vertically, it can save a lot of space in your freezer. Get a few Ziploc bags and store all of your food items.

Now store them vertically in plastic bags.

10. Use magazine holders to store food items

You can also use magazine holders to store food items in your freezer. If the magazine holders do not fit vertically in your freezer, keep them horizontally.

You can store any type of item in these magazine holders.

11. Get a few magnetic tins

You can purchase magnetic tins from an online or nearby superstore. You can store small food items like beans, onions, etc. in these magnetic tins.

They can be attached to the door of your freezer. As a result, you will be able to save a lot of space.

12. Install a Ziploc bag holder

You can find these slide-out holders to hang your Ziploc bags. These can be attached in the freezer and you can hang up to 10 Ziploc bags in one slide-out holder.

Also, don’t forget to label the Ziploc bags after storing items.

13. Don’t keep out of date food items

It is a simple hack but I am sure most of us do not follow it. If you go look at your freezer right now, I am sure you will find 1 or 2 items that are out of date.

Make sure to throw out those items to make more space in your freezer.

14. Use locker crates for an effective organization

If you have a chest freezer, this hack will serve you well. You can use a locker crate to store your food items.

That is how the items will stay in one place and you will be able to use the freezer space efficiently.

15. Use cardboard boxes to organize food items

If you don’t have locker crates, you can also use cardboard boxes. It will allow you to separate the food items and organize all of them properly.

16. Make an inventory list

It is always a hard task to look at your freezer and bring out all the items to see what you need before going to the grocery store.

Alternatively, you can make an inventory list that will allow you to look at all the items that are on your freezer.

17. Keep a separate section for the desert items

I love to keep a separate section in the freezer to keep the ice creams, and other dessert items.

That is how you will be able to keep them separated from the meats and veggies.

18. Get a few chest freezer organizer

You can find different types of chest freezer organizers in amazon. They come in a variety of prices.

They can be very convenient in terms of storing food items.

19. Get rid of the bulky boxes that come with food items

When you buy food items, they usually come with bulky boxes. Make sure to get rid of those boxes before your store anything.

There is no need to waste space storing with those boxes.

I use most of these organization hacks to keep my freezer organized and clean. The great difference that I see now is that I can put a lot of food items in my freezer than before.

If you don’t want to invest too much, I will suggest you start with the dollar store baskets. These are lifesavers.

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19 Easy Organization Hacks for Your Freezer That You Can Apply Today

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