15 Playroom Organization Ideas To Make Your Life Easier

I am sure if you go to your kid’s playroom right now, you will find a mess. Playrooms should be fun, right? But it doesn’t look like fun when the room is all unorganized and filled with toys lying on the floor.

As a mother of a super energetic kid, I will suggest to you how you can keep the playroom organized. You will need a few supplies. Along with that, you need to teach your kid how to value things and keep them with proper care.

I love spending time with my kid in the playroom. I have made it our own place of happiness. With a few easy organizing hacks, you can keep the room clean and organized as well as enjoy it at the fullest.

I will share 19 playroom organization ideas with you to make your life a little bit easier as a parent.

15 Playroom Organization Ideas

1. Make a separate area if you have two or more kids

First thing first, make a separate area in the playroom for your kids. If you have more than one kid, you should follow this rule.

Every kid wants their personal space, especially when it comes to their playing area. You can use two corners of the room and keep the center of the room where they both can play together.

2. Use a big container for all the plush toys

If your kid loves plush toys and stuffed animals, keep a big container to store them. Teach your kid to keep the plush toys in the container after playing with them.

If you don’t find such a large container, cover them with a large piece of cloth.

3. Keep all the small toys in mason jars

I always love it when the mason jars come so useful. I use mason jars to keep all of my kid’s small toys like cars, action figures, etc.

If you want, you can label the containers based on the items you keep.

4. Build a storage system with old benches

If you have benches that are hallowed underneath, you can use that space to keep the containers.

You can find different kinds of seats and ottomans in the market. Make full use of the spaces underneath them.

5. Use a separate basket to keep books

Keep books for your kid to read in the playroom. That is how they will become more inspired in reading books.

The separate basket will give you additional space to keep the books organized.

6. Make a bookshelf and use it for books along with toys

You can make a bookshelf for your kid’s playroom with at least 8-12 compartments. I have built one with cheap wood and painted it with my kid’s favorite color.

You can use a few shelves for keeping books and the other shelves to keep the toys.

7. Get a few foldable storage baskets made with wireframe

These wired baskets will never disappoint you. Your kid probably has hundreds of toys of different sizes and shapes.

You need something to keep these toys in the perfect place. These foldable storage baskets are quite convenient and affordable as well.

8. Give the stuffed animals a home by making a hammock

It is probably the best idea I’ve come through in a while. I have made a hammock in the playroom with one of my old bedsheets.

I have sewed a few colorful ribbons at the side and hung it in one corner of the wall. Now, my kid knows where the stuffed animals are supposed to be after they are done playing with.

9. Use a shoe organizer to store small toys

If you can’t find the proper place to keep the small toys, you can use a shoe organizer. Hang the shoe organizer on the back of your kid’s playroom door.

I use the shoe organizer to organize the random toys that do not belong to any of the boxes.

10. Keep all of the board games in a separate drawer

If you have a cupboard in your kid’s playroom, you can use one separate drawer to keep all the boardgames.

My kid loves to play board games whenever his friends visit. As I keep all of the boardgames in one place, he always finds what he is looking for right away.

11. Don’t underestimate the power of store bins

Even if you haven’t planned out how you are going to organize your kid’s playroom, a few extra storage bins will never be a bad investment.

You can use these storage bins to store different kinds of toys. At first, make categories and, based on that, organize the toys in the storage bins.

12. Add inspirational quotes in the walls to give the room a better look

As your kid is growing up, he/she should learn the values of life and should be able to differentiate between right and wrong.

You can frame a few inspirational quotes hang them in the wall. Trust me; your playroom will look more organized and structured.

13. Install a few wooden boxes to organize books

If you want to add a vintage look in your kid’s playroom, you can install a few wood boxes. You can paint them that matches with the theme of the playroom.

On the other hand, you can simply place a few in the corner of the walls to store books.

14. Make full use of those old canvas bags

If you find all these organizing ideas quite expensive, I have a few different ideas as well. You can use a few old canvas bags to store the toys of your kids.

Install a few command hooks on the walls and hang those canvas bags. You can also customize the bags by sewing them with different pieces of cloths.

15. Last but not least – don’t forget to label

The ultimate organizing tip is labeling containers where you organize items. If you categorize items and organize them, make sure to label the containers as you go.

These are my few playroom organization ideas. Let me know if these ideas come in the help of you or not.

Apply one or more ideas to see if they work or not. Also, make sure you comment down below if you need any more suggestions regarding this.

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15 Playroom Organization Ideas To Make Your Life Easier

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