30 Brilliant Towel Bar Organization Ideas

You will be surprised to know how much you can do with towel bars. If you are finding a way to store and hang your necessary items in the right place, you can get help from these hacks.

These organization ideas will help you to keep your things in the right place. Also, you will be able to make full use of those little corners of your house.

I have some brilliant towel bar organization hacks for you. The best thing about these hacks are, they are quite easy to implement.

Let’s see what these 30 brilliant towel bar organization ideas are.

30 Brilliant Towel Bar Organization Ideas

1. Hang pots and pans in a towel bar

Pots and pans can take up a lot of space in your kitchen cabinets. Install a towel bar beside your cabinet and hang all the pots and pans there.

2. Store the lids of your pans and pots

What about the lids then? Hang the lids as well. You can use that empty space between the kitchen cabinets and countertops to install a towel bar.

3. Hang your beautiful coffee mugs

If you are a coffee lover, you probably have different types of coffee mugs. You can install two towel bars in the kitchen to hang the coffee mugs.

 4.  Hang a small basket in the towel bar

You can make your own charging station. In a towel bar, hang a small basket. Make sure the towel bar is near a socket. Then, charge your phone there.

5. Store fruits with the help of a towel bar

You can use a similar type of basket to store your fruits in the kitchen. Install a towel bar and hang a fruit basket in it.

You can install one in your dining area or kitchen.

6. Store dish towels

Take an empty space in your kitchen and mount a towel bar. Then, hang your dishcloths in the towel bar. As simple as that.

7. Store the toiletries

Get two baskets and hang them in the towel bar. Store your toiletries like extra toilet paper rolls, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

You can also store your washcloths in the basket.

8. Make a separate gift wrapping station

Hang all the wrapping papers in a towel bar with the help of S-shaped hooks; you can also hang a basket to store all the gift wrapping items like scissors, glue, etc.

9. Hang those cutting board as well

You can store the cutting boards in a towel bar as well. It is a great idea cause cutting boards take quite a large section in the kitchen cabinet.

10. Hang your ironed shirts in the towel bar

You can install a towel bar in your laundry room as well. Use the towel bar to hang all of your shirts that you just ironed.

It is probably one of the best hacks that I have come across.

11. Store all of your scarves in one place

Install a towel bar in the back of your closet door. You can use these towel bars to store all of the scarves in one place.

You will no longer get crazy finding the matching scarf with your dress.

12. Store gardening tools

If you love gardening, you can store all those gardening tools in a towel bar. Install a towel bar in your storage room to store the gardening tools.

13. Make a jewelry organizer

I have a separate section in my closet to store all the pieces of jewelry. I have installed a towel bar in the closet and hung S-shaped hooks. I hang the bracelets and lockets there.

14. Organize craft supplies

If you do not have a lot of space to store your craft supplies, simply use a basket and towel bar to store the supplies.

Get a small box for paintbrushes and another basket for other craft supplies and hang them in the towel bar.

15. Organize your kid’s backpacks

Find an empty wall in your kid’s room. Install a towel bar and add a few S-shaped hooks. Then, hang all of their backpacks in the towel bar.

16. Hang all of your handbags

You can easily make a separate section to store your handbags in the closet. Mount a towel bar and use it to store your handbags.

17. Store cleaning supplies under your sink

You probably have unused space underneath the kitchen sink. Use that space by mounting a towel bar. Hang all of your cleaning supplies there.

18. Find a space for the extra towels in your bathroom

I have installed a towel bar on the backside of my bathroom door. I use that towel bar to keep my extra towels and washcloths.

19. Use a towel bar as spice station

To store the spices, you will need to install a towel bar in your kitchen. Install an extra rod so that it can hold the spices properly.

20. Make your own walk-in closet

Walk-in closets can be expensive to install. You can make your own walk-in closet with towel bars. Install a few towel bars side by side and hang your clothes.

21. Make a kitchen utensils organizer

You can hang a few wooden baskets in the towel bars to store your kitchen utensils. You can decorate your kitchen as well by placing some artificial flowers in the baskets.

22. Roll your trash bags in a towel bar

Use the area underneath your sink and install a towel bar. Roll up your trash bags and place them in the towel bar.

You will no longer need to get annoyed while finding your trash bags.

23. Get a proper home for your hairdressing tools

Hang an extra towel bar in your bathroom. Hang a wired basket with the help of S-shaped hooks. Place all of your hairdressing tools there.

24. Store all of your coffee satchels in one place

If you love coffee, you probably have a lot of different flavored coffee satchels. I have installed a towel bar beside my coffee maker.

I have hung a small basket in the towel bar, where I keep all of my favorite coffee satchels. You can use one for tea as well.

25. Organize your extra soaps and shower gels

If you do not have a lot of space in your bathroom cabinet, you can store your extra soaps and shower gels in a basket.

Hang the basket in a towel bar. You can install this towel bar near your shower area so that you can reach out easily for the products.

26. Store your laundry detergents

I am sure you have plenty of laundry detergents and cleaning products. Hang a towel bar near the washing machine and place a basket.

Store the regular cleaning supplies you need for washing in the basket.

27. Make your own stationery organizer

if you do not have enough space in your table, you can hang a towel bar near it. Get a few small baskets from the dollar store.

Store your sticky notes, coloring pencils, markers, erasers, etc. in the baskets.

28. Store undergarments smartly

Install a towel bar inside your closet and use a few S-shaped hooks. You can use the hooks to store your undergarments smartly.

There is no need to make any extra expense to purchase an undergarments organizer.

29. Make your kid a separate snacks and candy station

I have a separate section for my kid in the kitchen. As he can’t reach the upper cabinets, I have installed a towel bar near the door.

I have hung two baskets, where I keep his favorite snacks and chocolates.

30. Store regular medical supplies

What about your storing your regular medical supplies? You can store them in a basket and hang it on a towel bar near your dining area.

Make sure everyone in your family can reach the area.

These are the towel bar organization ideas that I have come across recently. I am sure some of these ideas will come with great help from you.

Let me know if you find any other ideas related to the towel bar organization.

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30 Brilliant Towel Bar Organization Ideas

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