21 Useful Hacks to Organize a Small Bedroom Closet

Organizing a small bedroom closet can be tough if you have a lot of clothes and accessories. I love shopping and it sometimes causes me great trouble to let the new items fit in the closet.

When I used to live in a tiny apartment, I had a very small closet. As a result, I needed to plan properly and make sure all of my clothes and accessories fit properly.

With a few simple hacks, you can easily use the space in your bedroom closet. I will share a few hacks that will help you to organize your small bedroom closet.

21 Useful Hacks to Organize a Small Bedroom Closet

1. Store shoes in storage bins

If you have a small closet, you probably do not have enough space to store the shoes. In that case, these storage bins will come in great use.

You can purchase a few dollar store storage bins and keep them in one corner of your closet. You can store at least 3 pairs of shoes in one storage bin.

2. Purchase a hanging handbag or purse organizer

I love this product a lot because it saves a lot of space in my closet. If you have a small closet, you can also use it.

These hanging handbag organizers usually come with 8 compartments. That means you can store 8 bags in one organizer.

Hang the organizer on one side of your closet. It is as simple as that.

3. Store clothes in a foldable closet organizer

If you have a small closet, you probably need more space to store your clothing. If there are dresses and shirts that you do not wear regularly, keep them in a foldable closet organizer.

You can keep this closet organizer in a corner of your room or your storeroom. These are really convenient to use.

4. Start using cascading hangers

I am sure you have heard of these hangers. Such hangers will save a lot of space in your closet.

You can hang at least 5 shirts in one hanger, and it will take only a small space. If you still haven’t got one, it is time to get smart.

5. Hang your scarves using command hooks

Attach a few command hooks on the door of your closet. Use these hooks to hold your scarves.

You can also hang a few bags using these command hooks. The main idea is to use the space of your closet door efficiently.

6. Hang ties and belts in a pegboard

You can install a pegboard in the wall of your closet. Use the pegboard to hang the ties and belts. That is how you will be able to save space in the drawers.

7. Display your favorite bags in wall shelves

If you do not have enough space in your closet, you can try installing a shelf in the corner of your room. Use the wall shelf to store your handbags.

You can also keep your jewelry boxes on the shelf.

8. Organize accessories in a shoe organizer

Get a shoe organizer and you will never need a single drawer to organize your accessories. These hanging shoe organizers come with a lot of compartments.

As a result, you will be able to store your makeup products and other items in the shoe organizer.

9. Make compartments in closet drawers using cardboards

Get a few pieces of cardboard and cut them according to the size of your closet drawers. It is one of the most efficient ways to organize closet drawers.

10. Purchase an undergarment organizer

You can buy an undergarment organizer online. They are usually quite cheap but very effective. You will never lose your undergarments in the pile of clothes.

Keep them in your closet drawer or under your bed.

11. Store miscellaneous items in wicker boxes

Get a few wicker baskets and keep them in your closet. You can use the wicker baskets to store your hair styling tools or other miscellaneous items.

12. Hang your handbags using S-shaped hooks

Hang a few S-shaped hooks in your closet. Use these hooks to hang all of your handbags. Keeping handbags in the closet can take up a lot of space.

Instead, hang them with S-shaped hooks.

13. Use an ice cube tray to store earrings

It is one of the most effective ideas I got from the internet. I use an ice cube tray to organize my earrings.

You will never lose any pair of earrings ever again.

14. Use the space below hanging clothes

If you have space under the clothes, use it efficiently. You can keep a few boxes to store items. On the other hand, you can keep your handbags there as well.

15. Hang your coats in a coat rack

You can keep a coat rack in one corner of your room. If you live in a cold area, you will need more closet storage space than others.

Hang all of your coats in a coat rack.

16. Store seasonal clothes under your bed using dollar store baskets

Get a few dollar store baskets with lids. Store your seasonal clothes in the dollar store baskets and keep them under your bed.

You can efficiently use the store under your bed and save some space in the closet.

17. Use can tab to attach two hangers together

Store a few can tabs after you are done drinking your soft drinks. Use a can tab to attach two hangers together.

That is how you can store double cloth in one place and efficiently use the space of your closet.

18. Store your sweaters in a closet hanging shelf organizer

These storages come with 6-7 compartments and they can be hung your closet. You can easily store the sweaters in this shelf organizer.

You can also use one to store your handbags.

19. Purchase a clothing rack for your coats and jackets

You can purchase a clothing rack to store jackets and coats. If you are planning to store the jackets in your closet, it will take a lot of space.

Instead, use a clothing rack and a few hangers to store them.

20. Add a mirror inside your closet

Adding a mirror can always make your small closet look bigger. It is a small hack but effective. Install a mirror in the closet door and you will not need to attach any extra mirror in your room.

21. Get an ottoman with storage

If you do not find enough space to store everything in your closet, purchase an ottoman with storage.

These ottomans can be used in sitting purposes as well as storage purposes.

These are pretty much how I organized my small bedroom closet. If you can efficiently use the small places in your closet and your bedroom, you will be able to do it as well.

If you have any more ideas regarding this, feel free to share.

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21 Useful Hacks to Organize a Small Bedroom Closet

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