21 Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

If you are finding a cheaper way to organize your kitchen, you have come to the right place. Organizing can be tough.

When you need to invest a good amount of money for organization, the task becomes even harder. The good news is, you can organize your whole kitchen with dollar store items.

You will find almost everything that is necessary to organize your kitchen in the dollar store. They will cost you around one dollar, which is very cheap.

You can use regular dollar store items to organize your kitchen. I will share some of the dollar store hacks I use for my kitchen.

21 Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

1. Store canned foods in a magazine holder

Get that old magazine holder sitting idle at your desk. Use it to store all the canned foods in your kitchen.

That is how you can save a lot of space in your kitchen cabinet.

 2. Use plastic containers from dollar stores to organize goodies

You will find plastic containers in the dollar store. These containers can be stored on top of each other. Store your chips, snacks, etc. in the containers separately and label them.

3. Give your fridge a makeover with dollar store items

There are different sizes of baskets available in the dollar store. Some of them are specially made for refrigerators.

Keep your veggies, fruits, sauces separately in these baskets.

4. Purchase a few spice racks from the dollar store

You can install these spice racks in the cabinet doors of your kitchen. There is no need to purchase expensive spice racks when you can find a few good ones from the dollar store as well.

Install these spice racks horizontally and store spices.

5. Get a few plastic organizers for the drawers

You will find organizers that are specially made to organize drawers. My kitchen drawers used to be quite messy with all the silver utensils and whatnot.

I have purchased a few plastic organizers, and it solved all the problems.

6. Store foil papers and seals in a magazine holder

Install a magazine holder in one corner of your kitchen wall and store all the foil papers and seals. Foil papers are in such a shape that they occupy a huge amount of space in the cabinets.

That is why I use magazine holders to store them.

7. Store the cleaning products using a dollar store basket

I use my space underneath the sink of my kitchen. I have purchased a dollar store basket. It has 4 separate compartments.

I keep sprays, sponges, and brushes in the container.

8. Store your sugar, salt, and pepper in the mason jars

Mason jars are so useful, I use at least one of them in each room. I use these mason jars to store sugar, pepper, and salt.

Also, don’t forget to label the items. Otherwise, you will be in trouble.

9. Purchase a spice cupboard

You can also use a spice cupboard if you don’t feel comfortable with the spice rack. You will find such storage with jars.

Store your spices here. Some of these come with a label as well.

10. Use bins to store food items in your kitchen

If you do not find storage with proper sizes, you can use bins as well. Purchase a few colorful bins and store your food items.

My kitchen is filled with baskets and bins, which I love.

11. Mount a wire organizer in your cabinet door

You will find different sizes of wire organizers. I have mounted a wire organizer in my kitchen cabinet door.

I use the organizer to store the cutting boards.

12. Get a utility hanging rack

The measuring spoons, pans, and other utensils can take a lot of space in your kitchen cabinet. Purchase a utility hanging rack and hang these.

You will be able to save a lot of space.

13. How about using an over the door shoe organizer for your snacks

When you visit a dollar store, you will probably find over the door shoe organizers. Even if you have a shoe rack, purchase one because you will need it,

Hang the organizer on the backside of your kitchen door. Store different types of snacks and other kitchen items in the organizer.

14. Get a few soda can organizers for your fridge

If your fridge is cluttered with soda cans, it is time to make a change. Get a few soda can organizers and use them to store soda cans.

You can also use these organizers to store canned goods in your kitchen cabinet.

15. Store spatulas and tongs in mason jars

As I told earlier, I use mason jars almost everywhere. I use these mason jars to store the tongs and spatulas.

The mason jars help me in keeping them organized.

16. Get a separate container to store cupcake liners

I use a small plastic container to store all of my colorful cupcake liners. The container also has a lid so that the liners do not get unorganized.

17. Mount hooks to hang your oven mitts

You can purchase a few hooks from the dollar store and mount them in your cabinet doors. I hang the oven mitts there so that I can find them at the right time.

18. Get a sponge holder from the dollar store

Attach a sponge holder in your kitchen sink. It will help you to stay organized, and the sponge will drip off the water in the sink without making a mess in the countertop.

19. Store the water bottles in a magazine holder

I find these magazine holders amazing as they can be used in so many different ways. I keep two magazine holders in my kitchen countertop, and I use them to store the bottles.

20. Purchase a dollar store dish rack

If you do not want to spend a lot to purchase a dish rack, you can buy one from the dollar store. There are different sizes available.

Purchase on based on your needs and place them in your cabinet to store dishes.

21. Store the bakeware in a basket

The bakeware in your kitchen can also take a lot of space in the cabinets. Get a basket and store the bakeware in it instead of keeping it randomly in the kitchen cabinet.

You can also store lids in the basket.

I have used these hacks at least once in my lifetime. I have upgraded a few recently. I am quite sure these hacks will help you a lot.

Let me know if you have any suggestion related to kitchen organization.

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21 Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

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