15 Under the Kitchen Sink Organization Hacks You Must Apply Today

You will be surprised to know how much you can do with that space underneath the kitchen sink. I have been looking for ideas for a long time and I am glad I found a few best ones.

Regardless of the size of the space, you can always organize under the kitchen sink with some creativity.

You can take some time to think about how you are going to organize the space. Plan out what you can put in there that will make space used efficiently.

I have researched for a while and got some good ideas to organize the space under the kitchen sink. I will share 15 under the kitchen sink organization idea with you.

15 Under the Kitchen Sink Organization Hacks You Must Apply Today

1. Place small baskets to organize items

Get a few baskets from the dollar store. You will find different sizes of baskets in the dollar store.

Use these baskets to store and organize any item under the kitchen sink. If you can, mount another wooden surface under the kitchen sink.

You will be able to store more items in that way.

2. Store the dishwasher pods in a Mason jar

Make a separate container to store all the dishwasher pods. Keep the container under your kitchen sink.

That’s how you will find the dishwasher pods whenever you use the dishwasher. Don’t keep the dishwasher pods in any other cabinet as it will waste your time.

You can use a mason jar to keep the dishwasher pods.

3. Store dish towels in a separate container

I use a glass container to store dish towels. I always keep extra dish towels because I need dish towels frequently.

Keep the container in one corner under the kitchen sink. As you won’t need to use it every day, keep it in the back of the space.

4. Store cleaning supplies in a large basket

It is probably the most common under the sink organization hack that everyone knows of. Get a large basket.

If you can find those baskets with 4 or 6 compartments, it will be quite helpful. You will be able to store all of your cleaning products in one place.

Keep the glass cleaner, floor cleaner, sponges, rags, scrub brushes, etc. all in the large container.

5. Hang the cleaning gloves with command hooks

You will have enough space under your kitchen sink to store the cleaning gloves. Install a few command hooks.

Use these command hooks to store your cleaning gloves. If you have any other cleaning product that can be hung, do that as well.

Hanging items in the cabinet wall will save you a lot of space. As a result, you will be able to use the space under the kitchen sink more efficiently.

6. Store grocery bags in a small basket

If you can’t find a place to store the grocery items, I will suggest you make a small basket to store all of your grocery items.

You can use any type of basket. Make sure the basket or the container comes with a lid. Otherwise, you won’t be able to store a lot in one container.

7. Install a grocery bag organizer

You can purchase a grocery bag organizer as well in the cabinet door. You can find these grocery bag organizers in the superstores.

I purchased mine from Amazon and I love it. It comes with a hole from which you can pull out the grocery bag whenever you need it.

8. Mount a wired basket to organize cutting boards

I always suggest everyone not to store the cutting boards in the kitchen cabinets. Rather than keeping the cutting boards in the cabinets, you can store them in a wired basket.

If you have a cabinet under the kitchen sink, you can use that door to mount the wired basket. Keep your cutting board in it and save more space in the cabinet.

9. Keep extra cleaning rags in a basket

I always keep extra cleaning rags in my kitchen. I use the space under my kitchen sink to store them. I use a small dollar store basket to store the cleaning rag.

You can use other containers to store cleaning rags as well.

10. Store the dishwashing refills in a container

You can store all of your dishwashing refills under the kitchen sink in a container as well. don’t use a large container as it will take more space.

Rather, use a small jar or container to keep the refills so that you can use one whenever you need to.

11. Keep the squeegee in one corner of the cabinet

The squeegees are usually in such a shape that it is quite hard to find a proper place to store them. I simply keep my squeegee in one corner of the cabinet under my kitchen sink.

There will be plenty of space on the backside where you cannot place baskets to store items. You can use that space to store the squeegees.

12. Hang oven mitts in the cabinet door

Install one or two command hooks in the cabinet drawer to hang your oven mitts. It is a great way to use space efficiently.

You can use other cabinet doors to store foil papers, cutting boards, or lids. It is up to you. Use the cabinet door under the kitchen sink to hang oven mitts.

13. Store extra paper towels

You can store extra paper towels under the kitchen sink. You won’t need to use any extra containers for that.

Simply keep the paper towels in one corner of the cabinet.

14. Organize cleaning brushes in a large basket

Gather all of your cleaning brushes and place them all in a large basket. Keep the basket under the kitchen sink.

That is how you will find all of your cleaning brushes in one place.

15. Install a rod to hang cleaning items

You can do another thing under your kitchen sink. You can install a rod under your kitchen sink.

The spray bottles can be hung in the shower rod easily. You can also hang other items with this rod.

These are a few ideas I came to know after researching how I can use the space under my kitchen sink. You can easily apply these hacks and see if they work or not.

Let me know what you think about these ideas.

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15 Under the Kitchen Sink Organization Hacks You Must Apply Today

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