11 Easy Ways to Organize Makeup in Your Small Bathroom

Organizing makeup in a small bathroom can be quite tough because of the insufficient cabinets and drawers. If you keep all of your makeup kits in those drawers, you will have none for the toiletries and oral care.

I know how you can easily organize your makeups in a small bathroom because I used to have a tiny bathroom as well.

I still apply a few of these organization hacks. You will be able to keep almost everything by the following 11 organization hacks.

The best things about these hacks are that these are quite cheap and easy. I will not give you any idea that you can never apply even if you want to.

11 Easy Ways to Organize Makeup in Your Small Bathroom

1. Use transparent containers to store items

I always prefer to use transparent storage to store any type of item. The best thing about storing makeup products in transparent containers is that you will be able to find all of your makeup products right away.

You will not need to waste any time looking for your favorite shade of lipstick or lip gloss. You can get such containers from amazon or any of your nearby dollar stores.

2. Make drawer dividers using cardboards

The biggest problem of having a small bathroom is that you will not have enough cupboards and drawers to store all of your items.

If you are planning to allocate one drawer for your hairdressing tools only, you will be wasting a lot of space.

Rather, take a few pieces of cardboard and make dividers inside the drawers using glue. As a result, you can make separate compartments to store the makeup kits.

3. Store extra makeup items in a shoe organizer

If you have a shoe organizer, hang it in the back of your bathroom door. You can use the shoe organizer to store almost every makeup product you have.

Also, the shoe organizers usually have transparent plastic as a result you can see in which pocket you have stored what item.

It is one of the most effective and least hassle hacks for organizing makeup products in a small bathroom.

4. Get a lipstick organizer – you won’t regret it

Buy a lipstick organizer from Amazon or the dollar store. there are different sizes available. For example, the containers come with 24 compartments or 36 compartments.

You can use this small organizer to store all of your lipsticks. Keep it in the countertop of your bathroom and save the space of the bathroom drawers.

Make sure not to buy the bigger one if you do not need it. You can organize the lipsticks based on shades. For example, I keep the topmost row for the darker shades.

5. Stack your shadow palettes in a cutting board organizer

I am sure you have never heard about this organizing hack. I have a few large eyeshadow palettes and I wanted something big and useful to store them.

Keeping these eyeshadow palettes in drawers is a very bad idea because the palettes will take a lot of space.

Rather get a cutting board organizer, keep it in one corner of your bathroom cabinet and store all the eyeshadow palettes.

6. Mount a few corner shelves for extra storage

If you have a small bathroom, you can always mount a few small corner shelves. Rather than stacking up the bathroom drawers and cabinets with makeup items, keep a few in the corner shelves.

For example, if you have a corner shelf, you can keep the lipstick organizer I was talking about earlier, in one row.

On the other hand, if you plan to store makeup items in the drawers, keep the toiletries like toilet paper rolls, shampoo, etc. in the corner shelves.

7. Efficiently use the space over the toilet

You can also mount one or to shelve above your toilet. Use the space efficiently because having a small bathroom means you do not have much storage.

That is why I have mounted a few shelves over my toilet. I use these shelves to store towels and extra toilet paper rolls.

You can also keep other items, like oral care products, cleaning products, etc.

8. Store makeup brushes using a mason jar

If you are having trouble finding a proper place to store your makeup brushes, I will suggest you store them in a mason jar.

You can get a mason jar from the dollar store which will be a few dollars or so. Keep the lid away and store all of your brushes in one place.

You can keep it on the countertop or in one of the drawers as well. storing makeup brushes horizontally in the drawers is not a good idea because it will take a lot of space.

9. Get a rolling cart from IKEA

You have probably heard about using IKEA rolling carts for storing baking items. Well, the funny thing is that I have two rolling carts at my house.

I have one that I keep in my kitchen to store baking items. I keep the other one in my bathroom. Although I have a large bathroom now, I often feel like there is not sufficient storage.

You can also get a rolling cart and use it to store all of your makeup products.

10. Use a magnetic board to attach makeup products

Hang a magnetic board on the wall of your bathroom. Then next thing you will need to do is to attach small magnets in all of your makeup products.

Now you can hang any of your makeup items in the magnetic board. You can use the wall beside the mirror. That is how you will find all of your makeup products easily while you do your makeup.

11. Install spice racks to store foundations and concealers

The last but not least hack to store makeup products in a small bathroom is to use a spice rack to store the foundations and concealers.

It can be your highlighter, primers, as well – anything that comes with a small bottle like figure. You can store and organize such products in a spice rack because the rack will hold them well.

You can get a regular kitchen spice rack form the dollar store and attach it to one of the walls of your bathroom. Make sure to use good quality magnets so that there is no chance of them falling down.


I love how all these hacks made me find anything right away. Because I know where I have put my makeup products.

I am sure all of these hacks are quite achievable and easy. Let me know what you think about these hacks.

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