15 Easy and Affordable Organizing Hacks for Your Bathroom Drawers

Bathroom drawers and cupboards tend to become unorganized very quickly for some reason. There are so many accessories and toiletries, I often get tired trying to keep them organized.

However, you can easily keep these drawers organized if you know a few easy and simple methods. These bathroom drawer organization hacks are not only simple but also very affordable.

After I moved into my new house, I decided I’ll properly organize my bathroom so that I never get annoyed and overwhelmed with all the accessories and toiletries.

I will share 15 organization hacks with you which you can apply today to organize your bathroom drawers. I find these ideas very effective and useful.

15 Easy and Affordable Organizing Hacks for Your Bathroom Drawers

1. Add mini containers in each drawer

You can get a few mini containers for all of your bathroom drawers. These containers can be found in the dollar stores at a very cheap price.

You can also get mini containers that are made of plastic from the mainstays. The sizes vary and you should purchase a few small sizes so that you can properly organize all the items based on different categories.

2. Make drawer dividers with cardboards

I am sure you have already heard about this drawer organization hack. You can try this one out if you do not want to spend any money to organize the drawers.

Just take the inside measurements of your bathroom drawers. Then cut a few pieces of cardboard and attach them with a strong glue.

3. Decorate the dividers by wrapping them with colorful papers

If you want to make the drawers look good, you can wrap the cardboard with colorful papers. For example, the color theme of my bathroom is sky blue.

As a result, I have taken a few papers that comes with white and blue color and has strips as well. I have wrapped the cardboards at first, then attached them in the drawers.

4. Allocate one cupboard for extra toilet papers

Well, you never know when you will need an extra toilet paper roll. I always keep 1 or 2 extra toilet paper rolls in my bathroom.

I have allocated the lowermost cupboard which holds the toilet paper rolls along with paper towels.

5. Get a few transparent plastic containers

You can store anything you want to in these transparent plastic containers. They can be your makeup items or toiletries, etc.

These containers will also work as drawer dividers. As a result, you can easily store items and use the space of the drawers efficiently.

6. Store all of your lip balms in a plastic bin

You can use any kind of bin you want to. Make sure to use a separate bin for the lip balms. I actually cannot survive a single day without my lip balms.

That is why I keep them separated from other items so that I can find them right away,

7. Install dividers or shelves inside the bathroom cabinets

If you want to efficiently use the space in your bathroom cabinets, I will suggest you make a few dividers and shelves in the cabinets.

You can place multiple items in one cabinet and use the space of the cabinet efficiently.

8. Place your hair styling tools in one drawer

Do not mix your hairdressing tools with hair accessories or any other items. They will all get very messy if you keep them together.

I have allocated a drawer in the right corner of my bathroom cabinet for all of my hair styling tools. I keep my hair straightener, curler, and hairdryer in that drawer.

9. Make a separate drawer for your kid

If you have a kid and if you share the same bathroom, keep one separate drawer for him or her. If you have a girl, you must keep a drawer for all of her hair accessories and makeup items.

Little girls love to put on makeup these days. So it is a good idea to allocate one drawer for them.

10. Keep all the dental care items oral care products together

It is one of the most important hacks in my opinion. You need to keep your oral care products separately. Make a few drawer dividers either with cardboard or with baskets and keep the products in them.

11. Attach a toothbrush holder in your bathroom

A lot of people keep their toothbrushes in the drawers. But I find it more convenient to hang them on the wall.

I have recently purchased a toothbrush holder from Amazon and I installed it in my bathroom. The holder comes with lids as a result your toothbrushes stay germ and bacteria-free.

I find it convenient.

12. Keep your favorite body mists and sprays in containers

Rather than keep body mists and sprays in the countertop of your bathroom, organize them with containers.

I use plastic containers to hold all of my body mists. You will need large containers to hold them. If you have a larger drawer, allocate that one for the sprays and body mists.

13. Organize toothbrush and toothpaste with a utensil organizer

You can get these utensil organizers from amazon as well. As I said earlier, I prefer to hang the toothbrushes on the wall.

If you want to keep the toothbrushes and toothpaste in your drawer, you should get a utensil organizer. It has a few compartments for the brushes and pastes.

14. Get cheap organizers instead of the expensive ones

When it comes to organizing, I will always prefer to purchase simple organizers that are usually cheap. There is no need to spend 50 dollars in just one organizer when you will need a lot for the whole house.

I will suggest you purchase organizers from the dollar store which I do all the time. It saves me a lot of costs. And trust me, they serve me very well.

15. Don’t forget to declutter

It is an important hack when it comes to organizing. If you keep unnecessary things in your bathroom drawers, they will always seep unorganized and cluttered.

I will recommend you to declutter all of the drawers. Maybe you will find a few hair bands that have lost the elasticity or a comb that has a broken tooth.

Don’t keep these items in the drawers. Throw away if you don’t need these.


These are the ways how I have organized my bathroom drawers. These hacks are quite easy to apply. If you have unorganized bathroom drawers, it is time for you to organize it with all these easy hacks.

Let me know if you have any other queries regarding organizing the drawers.

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15 Easy and Affordable Organizing Hacks for Your Bathroom Drawers

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