35 Easy and Genius Bathroom Organization Hacks You Can’t-Miss Knowing

When it comes to organizing, you need to keep every part of your house organized. It will never provide a good vibe if you have an organized bedroom but a messy bathroom.

Also, keeping your bathroom organized will save you a lot of time. You will be less annoyed at things. You will find the things you search for within minutes.

I always used to find organizing hacks that would make my bathroom look cluttered free. I have been using these hacks for a long time.

That is why I decided to share these hacks with you. Let’s see what these 35 bathroom organization hacks that you cannot miss knowing are.

35 Easy & Genius Bathroom Organization Hacks

1. Make a shelve to store nail polishes

You can make a shelf in your bathroom to store all of your favorite nail polishes. A floating shelve will do the job.

2. Get small baskets from the dollar store

Open that bathroom cabinet drawer and place a few small baskets that you got from the dollar store. You can store your bathroom toiletries organized in these small baskets.

3. Mount a few shelves beside the sink

If you do not have enough space in the countertop of your bathroom, mount a few shelves beside your sink.

You can store your toothbrush, toothpaste, combs, etc. in the shelve

4. Hang baskets in a separate shower rod

At first, install a shower rod in one of the walls in your bathroom. Then hang small baskets in the rod.

You can store your towels and soaps in the baskets.

5. Store extra toilet paper rolls in a magazine holder

Get an old magazine holder and place it in your bathroom. You can store up to 3-4 toilet paper rolls in a magazine holder.

6. Store your baby’s bath toys in a basket

If you have a kid, you should make a separate basket to store your kid’s bath toys. Keep them in the cabinet so that you can find them right away.

7. Store cotton buds and cotton balls in Mason jars

It is probably the most simple hack every. Get two mason jars and store your cotton buds and cotton balls in the jars.

You can decorate the jars with ribbons as well.

8. Attach a basket beside the bathroom cabinet

You can use such baskets to store extra toilet rolls or other toiletries. This hack is more suitable when you will not have enough space in your bathroom.

9. Install command hooks in the walls to store hair styling tools

You can install a few command hooks on the backside of your bathroom door. You can just hang the hairdressing tools.

10. Keep those toilet roles in a basket

If you don’t want to use a magazine holder or beside the cabinet, simply use a small basket to store extra toilet rolls. As simple as that.

11. Store new shampoos and conditioners in baskets

I can not get enough of these baskets. You can store the new shampoos and conditioners in the baskets and keep the basket in your bathroom cabinet.

12. Hang shower rods in the backside of your bathroom door

If you need to store extra towels or your clothes, you can install a shower rod in the backside of your bathroom door.

You can easily use the space to hang towels.

13. Get a magnetic bowl to store your bobby pins

Bobby pin is that one thing I find very hard to store. They always manage to get missing. That is why I use a magnetic bowl to store bobby pins.

14. Hang baskets vertically in your wall

You can never get tired of those wired baskets that can be found in the dollar stores. You can hang one or two vertically in the wall of your wall.

15. Install an extra rod in your bathroom

How about installing an extra rod in your bathroom wall? An extra rod will help you to hang your towels and cloths.

16. Attach a few suction cups and rubber band to your wall

Ever thought of using suction cups as a holder? Attach a suction cup in the wall and, with the help of a rubber band, store your shampoos and conditioners.

17. Use a cake stand to display your fancy products

I have a few fancy jars which I use to store my mouthwash and handwash. You can use a cake stand to display such fancy products in your bathroom.

18. Purchase a storage stand for your bathroom

You can purchase storage stand as well. You will find this storage stands in any online store or super shop. They have separate compartments to store your items.

19. Hang an old drawer vertically

You can also use a drawer from your old cabinet, which you will probably not use anymore. You can attach it to your bathroom wall to store items.

20. Hang a shoe organizer in your shower door

You can use a shoe organizer to store your scrub, shampoo, conditioner, etc. that you use on a regular basis. As the shoe organizers are transparent, you can easily get the toiletries you want.

21. Use an old wine rack to store extra towels

You probably have a beautiful wine rack that is sitting idle in your house. Use that wine rack to store the extra towels.

22. Attach a few extra command hooks in your bathroom

There is no alternative to hooks. You can organize almost anything in these hooks. Hang towels, jeans, clothes, in these command hooks.

23. Store all the cotton swabs in a candle holder

If you are not finding a proper place to store your cotton swabs, you can try out a candle holder. These will fit

Your cotton swabs perfectly.

24. Make a hidden cabinet in your bathroom

You can also make a hidden cabinet beside your shower area. Make it in such a way that you will be able to slide it open and store all the items there.

25. Decorate and store with mason jars

You can attach a piece of wood in your bathroom wall. Then, attach a few mason jars. You can store cotton swabs, you makeup brushes, combs, and a few pieces of flowers as well.

26. Attach a pen holder in your bathroom cabinet

If you have a bathroom cabinet, attach a pen holder there. You can store your toothbrushes and eyeliners in the pen holder.

27. Keep a small trash can in your bathroom

I never suggest people keep large baskets in their bathroom. It takes too much space in the bathroom. If there is a cabinet, you can keep the trash can inside as well.

28. Use the ceiling of your bathroom

Install a hanging shelve over the door of your bathroom. You can keep extra towels and other things just in case you need it.

29. Use a candy jar to store nail polishes

The candy jars are so cute; you can use them to store your favorite nail polishes. You can keep the jar in your bathroom countertop.

30. Use an old mug to hold toothbrushes

If you cannot come with an idea, just take one of your old mugs. Then store your toothbrushes and toothpaste in the old mug.

31. Store your washcloths in a magazine holder

Roll up your washcloths and place it in a magazine holder. You can keep the magazine holder in a cabinet. Or simply keep it on the floor.

32. Use a plastic container to store new soaps

You can store the soaps in your bathroom that you haven’t used yet. Store all the new soaps and bath bombs in a plastic container.

You can keep this container in one of the sections in your cabinet.

33. Use a hanging shower caddy

If you want to get your shampoo and conditioner right away, use a hanging shower caddy. You can use such shower caddies in any online store.

34. Mount a corner shelve

The corner shelves not only increase the beauty of your bathroom but also helps you to keep it organized. You can keep different kinds of jars on the shelves.

35. Use a bag to store kid’s toys

You can store your kid’s toys in a bag as well. Make sure the bag waterproof. Install a command hook near the bathtub and store all the bath toys there.

These are all the hacks that I use to organize my bathroom. I love it when I see all the things and accessories are in the right place.

You can try a few of these hacks and tips to see if they work actually in real life or not.

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35 Easy and Genius Bathroom Organization Hacks You Can’t-Miss Knowing

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