20 Fridge Organization Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Looking at a well-organized fridge is always a treat to the eyes. You can easily make your fridge look like those in the ads by following a few hacks.

I follow some basic hacks that keep my fridge organized all the time. You might be thinking that organizing a fridge can be quite costly.

But it is not the case at all. All you need is to be a little bit creative. To keep your fridge organized, you can use some dollar store baskets and containers.

I always suggest using clear containers to store food items in the fridge. It will make you find the items right away.

I will share 20 fridge organization hacks that will make you feel like a professional expert in this manner.

20 Fridge Organization Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

1. Get rid of large boxes that come with food items

Let me give you an example. When you buy cereal, it usually comes in a large box. I never keep the box.

Rather I throw it away or keep it for my crafting projects. I keep the cereal in a large container made of glass or plastic.

You can do the same with the items you are going to store in the fridge. It will take less amount of space in your fridge.

2. Use transparent containers to store items

Another suggestion is to use transparent containers to store food items. Transparent containers make it easier to store food items because you can see where you have stored all the items.

If you have prepared a lunch box and a breakfast box, make sure to keep them in separate transparent containers. Use different colored lids if needed.

3. Purchase a few storage items for refrigerator

You will find different types of storage items online to organize your refrigerator. There are some mini organizers which can be attached to the surface of your refrigerator.

I have purchased a few and these are not expensive at all. As they are made of plastic, you can easily clean them and store items.

4. Label each and every container regardless of items

The ultimate solution to an organized refrigerator is to label the containers. You can do this by purchasing a label maker.

These label makers will serve you well in other purposes as well. On the other hand, you can make your own DIY labels. It is totally up to you.

5. Use dividers in your refrigerator

If your refrigerator does not come with different sizes of dividers, you can purchase a few from Amazon. There are different sizes of dividers available for any size of the refrigerator.

You can use one to store the vegetables and another on to store soda cans.

6. Get bottle organizer

Get a plastic bottle organizer for your fridge. You can store up to 8 bottles in one organizer. As a result, you will be able to use the space efficiently.

I usually take one bottle with me whenever I go out and I keep that bottle filled with water in the fridge when I am at home.

The bottle organizer will also look quite classy in your fridge.

7. How about some stackable bottle organizer?

I have told you about the plastic once but you can also purchase a few stackable bottle organizers made of glass for your fridge.

You can use these to store wine bottles as well. These can be stacked upon one another as a result, you will be able to use the vertical space of your fridge as well.

8. Keep a separate section for the dairy items

If you have a divider, use the divider to keep dairy items only. That means, keep butter, yogurt, milk, etc. in that part of your fridge.

I always keep the dairy items separated from meats and veggies as they can exchange germ.

9. Keep the most eaten food items in the front part

For example, if you have a kid who goes to school every day, you need to prepare lunch for him or her. There are some vegetables you will use to prepare for lunch.

Keep those items in the top front row so that you can grab them right away when you need to. That is how you will not need to look for items and waste time.

10. Store sauces and condiments in the refrigerator door

I always use my refrigerator door to keep the sauces and condiments. The door of the fridge is enough to store all these items.

I keep items like mayonnaise, tomato sauce, chili sauce, etc. in the door of the refrigerator.

11. Use a Ziploc bag organizer

It is one of my favorite organizers of all time. It can be attached to your fridge. You can hang up to 25 Ziploc bags in it.

You can store different food items in the Ziploc bag and hang the bag in the Ziploc bag organizer.

12. Use refrigerator mats

I am sure you have already heard about refrigerator mats. These are washable mats. you can easily store your veggies and other food items in it.

As a result, it reduces the possibility of making your fridge dirty. You can just bring out the mats once a while and wash them properly.

13. Store soda cans in clear bins

Some refrigerators come with clear bins but you might need to buy an extra one to store the soda cans. One clear bin is usually enough to hold 9 soda cans.

My fridge is always stacked with soda cans so I have purchased two clear bins so that I can store the cans properly.

14. Grab a Lazy Susan for your refrigerator

It has become quite common and I have 3 lazy Susan organizers in my house. I keep one in the fridge to store the jars.

I keep all the jam, jelly, pickle in the Lazy Susan.

15. Use dollar store baskets to organize the freezer

Place a few dollar store baskets in the freezer. It will help you to use the space efficiently. Keep one basket for the frozen fish and another one for frozen meats.

I also keep miscellaneous food items in another basket.

16. Store fruits in a storage bin

Purchase a storage bin form the dollar store. Make sure that the bin comes with a lid. Store all of your fruits like strawberries, berries, tangerine, etc. in the storage bin.

The lid will help the fruits to be fresh and contact-free from other food items.

17. Use mason jars to store nuts

You can take one mason jar and use it to store peanuts in the refrigerator. I always buy mason jars from the dollar store as I get them at a very cheap price.

You can also use mason jars to store seeds and herbs in the fridge.

18. Keep the milk container in topmost shelf

I keep my milk container at a corner of the topmost shelf. Well, there is no particular reason for that. It has been my habit to do it like that from the beginning.

The corner of the topmost shelf always seems like the best place to keep the milk container.

19. Use an egg holder to store eggs

I am sure you already have one for your fridge. I have two egg holders that can be stacked above one another.

As a result, I purchase 4 dozen eggs at a time and store them in my refrigerator.

20. Get a few magnetic containers

Last but not least you can store food items in magnetic containers that can be attached to the door of your fridge.

These containers are very small in size. You can use them to store items like peanuts or small fruits.


These are 20 organization hacks that keep my fridge organized all the time. I cannot look at an unorganized fridge.

I make sure to clean the fridge once a while. Otherwise, the fridge looks messy anyway. Let me know what you think about these 20 fridge organization hacks. Share if you have other ideas as well regarding this.

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20 Fridge Organization Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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