15 Ways to Organize your House with Recyclable Items

Organizing a home can be tiresome as well as expensive. You cannot use hundreds of dollars just to buy a few organizers.

A very simple thing you can do is to use your recyclable items as your organizer. There are so many innovative ways to use those plastic bottles and containers.

You will not only be able to organize your house but also save the planet. I believe it is the smallest participation that matters.

That is why I will be sharing you 15 easy and innovative ways to organize your house with recyclable items.

15 Ways to Organize with Recyclable Items

1. Make a jewelry organizer with soda bottles

You can easily recycle those plastic soda bottles and make beautiful jewelry organizer. Take 4 bottles and cut the wavy part of the bottle.

Make small holes in the middle. Take a threaded or metal rod and place those parts in the rod with the help of a glue.

Store your earrings and lockets in the organizer.

2. Make a pen holder with the pringles container

I am sure you have at least one pringles container in your house. Cut the container in half.

Wrap a paper and decorate as you want. Store your pens and papers in it. You can attach a little corner on the side by attaching cardboards to hold your erasers and sharpeners as well.

3. Take full advantage of those rusty tool boxes

If you are into wooden projects, you probably have a lot of old tool boxes. I use these tool boxes to store my sewing supplies.

I use one to store the yarns, another one for the beads and buttons, etc. The old tool boxes are quite rusty, but it will add a vintage look to your house if you can use them properly.

4. Use shoe boxes to store your undergarments

If you are planning to throw away the old shoe boxes, don’t. Take a few pieces of cardboards and make compartments in the shoe boxes with glue.

That is how you can turn a shoe box to your undergarment organizer. You can make a similar DIY organizer to store your pieces of jewelry.

5. Turn that pringles container in a beautiful vase

You can make a beautiful vase with your pringles container. Take a few laces and ribbons and attach them in the Pringles container.

You can also use colorful papers to decorate the bottle.

6. Store your hairdressing tools in pringles containers

You can simply take an empty Pringles container and store your hairdressing tools like curler, straightener in the container.

As simple as that.

7. Use a toilet paper roll to store scissors

I always lose the scissors somehow. Whenever my kid or I plan to do some crafting project, the scissors somehow manage to get missing.

I have made a holder with a toilet paper roll to store the scissors. You will need a tissue paper roll and a few colorful papers only.

8. Store your kid’s craft items in the plastic bottles

You will be so happy once you use this to store your kid’s crafting items. The color pencils will fit perfectly in the Pringles container.

You can also place other crafting items like acrylic paintings in the container.

9. Organize the cords in a toilet paper roll

I hate it whenever I see the mess all my cords make. There is my laptop charger, phone charger, USB cables, headphones, etc.

Take a toilet paper roll and store these cords in it. Your cords will be more organized than before.

10. Plant rosemary and basil in the plastic bottles

If you are into gardening, you can use plastic bottles to plant little plants like rosemary, basil, sage, mint, etc.

Cut the bottle in half and fill it with soil. Then, grow your favorite plants in it. That is how the plastic will not go into waste, and you will be able to plant your favorite herbs.

11. Turn your old laundry detergent bottle into something creative

If you are planning to purchase a watering can for your backyard or garden, don’t. Use your old laundry detergent bottle as a watering can.

Make some holes in the head of the laundry detergent bottle. Fill it with water, and there you go. Your watering can is ready.

12. Make a DIY phone holder with your shampoo bottle

Do not throw that shampoo bottle. You can use the shampoo bottle as a phone holder while your phone gets charged.

That is how you will not need to find any surface to put your phone on while you charge the phone.

13. Create your own DIY storage with plastic bottles

You have no idea how many things you can do with those plastic bottles. You can turn the plastic bottles to store little accessories like pins, paper clips, etc.

Cut the bottle in half and store items here.

14. Make a paper organizer with old boxes

If you have old cardboard boxes, you can use them to organize your paper work. For example, I keep a small box in my bedroom to store all the miscellaneous papers.

I usually keep different types of paper work that I bring from work to home in these old boxes. It helps me to keep my papers organized.

15. Make drawer dividers with the cardboards from an old carton

Cut the carton in pieces if you don’t need it anymore. Take proper measurement of the inside of your closet drawers.

Now cut the card boards and make compartments in the drawer. That is how you can store little accessories in your drawer easily.

You can use multiple ones to store your pieces of jewelry, your stationeries, etc.

These are all the ideas that I use to organize my house. I have come up with a few of them and got some ideas from browsing.

The best thing about these organizing hacks is that they are pretty easy to make. I mean, you will not need to spend hours after hours to do a DIY project.

These are simple and easy. Let me know what you think about these ideas.

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15 Ways to Organize your House with Recyclable Items

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