22 Simple Tricks to Organize Food Storage Containers in Your Kitchen

Wonder if you are trying to find a food storage box to settle down the foods fast to go out for work. And when you open up your cupboard, all the food storage containers fell upon you. What would you feel like?

I faced these more often as I have a lot of food storage boxes in my cupboard. And all these messes pushed me to find out different ways to sort out the food storage boxes.

These tricks have helped me to organize my kitchen cupboards easily. So, if you are facing such issues with your kitchen, you can certainly go through the below tricks.

22 Simple Tricks to Organize Food Storage Containers in Your Kitchen

1. Use Plastic Drawers

The plastic drawers are the most convenient way to organize food storage containers. All you need to do is to buy the plastic drawers that match the size of your cupboard section.

Installing the drawer will allow you to place the lids and containers separately, as the drawers come in different sections. This will reduce the mess and make your kitchen look neat and tidy.

2. Use Cabinet Organizer

If you have a spare cabinet organizer at your home, that would be the perfect element that can help you to organize the food storage containers in the cupboard without spending any money.

You can use the different shelves of the cabinet organizer to place the lids and different sized boxes accordingly. This will help you to find the perfect sized container whenever you need them.

3. Use A Large Plastic Container to Store Lids

Finding the perfect size lid for the food storage container is one of the most crucial parts of the job. But placing the lids in a separate container can help you to minimize the hassle.

Just like the extra plastic drawer trick, you can put down a large container in your cupboard to place the lids. I use this trick, as it helps me to find the lids in time.

4. Use Tupperware Organizer

If you do not have large containers to place in your cupboard, you can easily get the Tupperware organizers to do your job. They come in different sizes to choose from.

So, measure your cupboard section and get a Tupperware organizer to place within. In the organizer, you will find different sections to fit in the lids and the containers to organize them properly.

5. Use A Small Turntable to Stack Boxes

You can also use the old small turntable kept at your home to stack up the containers. This will allow you to keep them near at hand all the time.

6. Use Pegboard to Organize Storage Containers

Using the pegboard to hold in your containers in place is also a very good idea to move with. The pegboard will help you to reduce the mess whenever you pull out your drawer.

7. Use Dish Drying Rack to Stack Lids

If you have an extra dish drying rack at your place, it can be the ultimate solution to your problem. You can simply use the rack as lid holders and organize the small storage containers.

8. Clip A Magazine Rack to Your Cabinet Door

Everybody has old magazine racks in their home. But have you ever thought that you can use them as your small food storage box organizer?

Yes, this is absolutely true. You can simply clip the old magazine rack to your cupboard door to hold the small food storage boxes for you.

9. Use Tension Rods as Dividers

If you do not have all these large containers or magazine racks at your home, still you can manage your storage containers easily using the tension rods.

Placing the tension rods will help you to create sections in the drawer to place the food storage container in place.

10. Try Labeling the Baskets

Labeling the basket is another process that can help you to organize your food storage containers. You can name the baskets according to the size to organize and find the containers easily.

11. Use A Plate Rack to Organize Container Lids

A simple plate rack can also help you to place your container lids according to its measurements. Use your spare plate rack to stack up the lids to find them quickly.

12. Use the Book Bins as Dividers

You can also use your extra book bins as the cupboard dividers.  Just place them on their sides and place different sized Tupperware accordingly.

13. Use Drawer Dividers to Separate the Containers and the Lids

If none of these helps you out, you can simply try the drawer dividers. Just some smart stacking of the drawer divider can help you to organize the Tupperware in no time.

14. Cut Down the Cereal Box to Store Lids

Using the empty cereal box cutouts can also help you to organize your Tupperware lids easily. This is one of the cheapest methods of them all. Just give it the shape of a magazine holder and voila!

15. Use A Cabinet Door Shelf

The cabinet door shelves also work similarly as the clip magazine racks. Installing a cabinet door shelf can help you to have more space to organize the container lids.

16. Use the Sliding Trays to Settle Down the Containers

If you place your food storage containers in the lower section of your kitchen shelves, the sliding trays are the best option for you.

The sliding trays can help you to place the containers in the different sections and also helps you to pull out the containers easily.

17. Use an Under-Shelf Basket

There is always an empty place under your kitchen sink. Many of us can not use it well because we are unaware of how to store things there.

But with the help of the under-shelf basket, you can easily organize your food storage containers there to minimize the mess in the kitchen.

18. Use Your Mesh Basket

Using your spare mesh basket can also be a very effective element to organize your Tupperware. You can place them in the basket and create dividers using hardboards to store them properly.

19. Use A Mail Sorter

The mail sorter can also help you to organize the different sized lids in your kitchen cupboard. They are easy and takes only a small section in the cupboard to organize the lids.

20. Use Hardboard as Temporary Dividers

Using the hardboards as temporary dividers are one of the most common practice to organize different things. This method has been in use for many years and works just like magic.

Just put small pieces of the hardboard in your kitchen drawer to create sections. You can also move them according to the size of your Tupperware at any time.

21. Use your Old Bookends

We all think that the old bookends are good for nothing. But these bookends can bring an end to your messed-up kitchen drawer.

You can place the bookends as like the hardboard in your drawer to create sections to organize the food storage containers.

22. Use Your Old CD Racks

Last but not the least, the Old CD racks can be one miraculous solution for your messed-up kitchen cupboard problem. The CD rack can work as a lid holder or the small box holder.

So, use them as your need asks you to be.

These hacks have helped me to give a new shape to my kitchen and the cupboards. As there are no containers lying in the kitchen in the most inappropriate space.

But there is one more trick that you need to keep in mind to keep your kitchen organized. And that is, keep only those containers that you use regularly.

Keep the extra in somewhere out of your regular reach. That way, you will be able to make your kitchen look organized and tidy all the time.

I hope these tricks can help you out of the issue and make your kitchen look awesome all the time. And do not forget to let me know which trick shaped your kitchen in the most appropriate way.

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