How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink Like a Professional

There are times while cleaning the dishes, we often see that the sink and other parts along with it are completely dirty with food particles and oil stains.

I am sure you have been there as well. It often happens when you ignore cleaning your kitchen sink and pipe. Using the sink continuously makes it quite easy to get dirty very fast.

That is why you need to care for your kitchen sink once in a while. You won’t need to do a lot of work. Earlier this week, I had experienced something like this.

As I stay quite busy with work, I forgot to clean the sink for a long time period. But I eventually cleaned my kitchen sink and it looks like a new sink has been installed in my kitchen.

I will share some of my secrets of cleaning a kitchen sink and save you the trouble of experiencing such a miserable event.

How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink Like a Professional

Remove everything from your sink before cleaning

If there are any dishes left in your sink, remove them before cleaning the sink. It is a simple task. Don’t try to clean your sink while there are uncleaned dishes lying on your sink.

Remove the crumbs and food particles from the sink

Run your tap water and remove all the crumbs and food particles. If you start cleaning your sink along with these, it will be a mess.

Running tap water should be effective enough to get rid of any visible dirt. You can also use a mug if you want to. Fill the mug with water and rinse the sink all over with water.

Use baking soda to clean a stainless steel sink

In most of your houses, we have sinks made of stainless steel. If you have a stainless steel sink, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Always make sure to remove any acidic food item away from the sink. It doesn’t mean the steel will start to rust right away, but it is better not to keep such food items for a long time in the sink.

The most effective cleaner for a stainless steel sink is using baking soda. If you think baking soda is not enough, use a little amount of vinegar as well.

Avoid using bleaching powder to clean a stainless steel sink

A lot of people use bleaching powder as they think it is more strong and effective. But that is not the case. When you use a strong ingredient like bleaching powder to clean your stainless steel sink, they react and your sink can become rusty.

That is why I always suggest everyone use baking soda which is a very effective cleanser as well as safe to use.

Use a soap dispensing brush for scrubbing the sink

If you do not have that much dirt in the sink, use mild dish soap. Using a mild dish soap is a good habit to clean the sink regularly.

Scrub the sink well with the dispensing brush. All the dirt should be gone with mild dish soap. Also, if you have a porcelain sink, do not use anything strong.

Using mild dish soap is quite safe for every kind of sink.

Don’t forget about the nooks and crannies

There are many corners in your sink which need a thorough cleaning as well. If you cannot reach those spaces with your dispensing scrub brush, then use a toothbrush.

Scrub those corners well. If there is any sticky dirt on those corners, use more dish soap to clean properly.

Use vinegar to make the faucets shiny

Most of us have faucets that have watermarks on them. It is common because we continuously use water around the faucet.

The water stain can be permanent and very hard to remove. You can easily remove the stain with vinegar.

Take a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar. Wrap the bag around the faucet and leave overnight. The next morning, you will see that there is no water stain left on the faucet.

Regularly disinfect the sink with vinegar and water mix

You can also make a mixture to disinfect your sink. To make the mixture, you will need vinegar and water. Take a spray bottle and use the same amount of water and vinegar.

As vinegar is a natural disinfectant, it will help you to kill all the germ and keep your sink germ free. Use it after cleaning your dishes.

Prevent your kitchen sink from getting clogged

To unclog your kitchen sink, pour some baking soda on the sink. Wait for a few minutes and then pour hot water.

Hot water and baking soda will break down the dirt and help to unclog your sink. If you face such a problem regularly, then you can try pouring hot water in the sink regularly.

It will prevent your sink from getting clogged.

Be sure of the product

As there are different types of materials that are used to make a sink, you should be sure what product you are using to clean your sink.

For example, there are many commercial products available in the market to clean the sink. You need to make sure a particular product is okay to use in your sink.

If you are not sure about the product, take a small amount, and apply it on a small portion of your sink. Then scrub and clean.

If you see that your sink looks fine, you can use the product further. Sinks made of porcelain, cast iron, metal, etc. each of them should be cared for properly and in different ways.


This is how I clean my kitchen sink. As there are other parts related to your sink, you need to clean and care for them too. Also, keep in mind what material your sink is made of.

As most of us have a stainless sink, you can use baking soda and vinegar to clean your sink.

Let me know if these methods helped you or not. Also, suggest if you have got any different ideas other than those mentioned above.

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How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink Like a Professional

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