Do Magic Erasers Really Work? – 25 Magic Eraser Cleaning Hacks

Have you ever wished of one thing that would clean almost everything in your house – starting from your kitchen utensils to the glass doors of your bathroom?

Well, fortunately, there is a charming product that can do it all. That is a magic eraser.

I am sure you have already heard about it and might use it in your house as well. But you will be surprised to know how much a magic eraser can do.

You can clean any grease or grime, stain, sticky marks, etc. with this magic eraser. I will share some of the best magic eraser hacks with you.

Do Magic Erasers Really Work?

Magic Erasers are melamine foams that are made in the form of a sponge. The melamine foams dig into the hard stains and help clean it like it was never there. But besides the stain removal, it can also be used as insulation to avoid sound or temperature.

Let’s see some of the most effective hacks with magic erasers.

25 Magic Eraser Hacks That You Can’t-Miss

1. Get rid of any permanent mark from your glass

If you have used a permanent marker in your glass for a party game, do not worry. A magic eraser will do the work.

Take the magic eraser and scrub the glass gently. The mark will be gone for good.

2. Clean your laptop with a magic eraser

When I say cleaning your laptop, I mean cleaning the outer part. Do not use the magic eraser on your screen, which can cause damage.

Take a magic eraser and do a few wipes. All the dirt will be gone in no time.

3. Say goodbye to the scuff marks from walls and floors

If you are worried about how you will get rid of the scuff marks, you can try a magic eraser. It doesn’t matter where the scuff mark is.

Scrubbing the stained area with a magic eraser will do the work.

4. Clean coffee stain from your favorite coffee mug

When you use a coffee mug frequently, it is quite normal to get coffee stains. You might see a round shape around the tip of the mug.

Use the magic eraser to give a few wipes and then clean with dish soap.

5. Make your white shoes white again

It is pretty hard to keep those white shoes neat and clean. If you have mud stains in your white shoes, you can use a magic eraser to scrub and get rid of the stain very easily.

6. Remove dried paint from door hinges and floors

If you just repainted your house, you might see painting here and there in the corners of your room. There is no need to scrub, which can be damaging.

Take a magic eraser and scrub the door hinges and floors with dried paints.

7. Remove soap scum from glass shower door

My bathroom never looked clean, even if I used to clean it every other day. It was because of the soap scum in the glass shower door.

Now, I use a magic eraser every now and then to remove soap scum from my glass shower door.

8. Get rid of rust from old items

Old items tend to get rusty over time. You cannot use any chemical product as it will cause damage.

Take a magic eraser and simply wipe the old piece a few times. The rust will be gone.

 9. Remove hair color from your basin

Hair coloring can get as messy as it can be. I love to color my hair, and unfortunately, every time I make a mess.

Recently I accidentally spilled hair color in my bathroom basin and started to panic. Gladly, I had a magic eraser that worked perfectly to clean the whole thing.

10. Use magic eraser in the bathroom mirrors at least once a week

Bathroom mirrors can get water stains very easily, and they also get foggy over time. I use a magic eraser to clean my bathroom mirror once every week.

11. Get rid of sticker residue from glass containers

Nothing can be more annoying than the sticker residue stuck in a glass container. The days of frustration are over.

The magic eraser will help you to get rid of the sticker residue in no time.

12. Clean your windowsills with a magic eraser

Windowsills can be covered with dirt and grime that has been storing for days. You can use a damp magic eraser to get rid of all the dirt from your windowsills.

13. Use a magic eraser and dryer sheets to clean baseboards

Baseboards get easily dirty because they attract dust very easily. Use a magic eraser and give the baseboards a few wipes.

After that, take a few dryer sheets and rub the baseboards with them.

14. Make your oven window clean again

Oven windows get dirty over frequent use. Take a magic eraser and wipe the oven window a few times.

If there is too much grease, use two magic erasers.

15. Clean the inside of the microwave oven with a magic eraser

When you keep an oven uncleaned for days, the food particles can get solid and usually stuck in the walls of the oven.

Take a magic eraser and clean the inside of the microwave oven easily.

16. Bring back life in your silver utensils

Unfortunately, silver utensils tend to get rusty and dirty over time. Wiping them with a magic eraser will bring back the life in them.

Give it a try if it seems unreal to you.

17. Clean your years old iron with a magic eraser

Your iron has probably become dirty with dirt and grime over the years. Wet the magic eraser and heat the iron.

Then run the iron over the magic eraser and see the MAGIC yourself.

18. Save your dishes from the sticky, greasy stains

Sometimes the greasy stains do not want to come off from the glass dishes regardless of the number of times you wash them.

As an alternative to scrubbing with liquid soap, take a magic eraser and scrub gently. The greasy stains will be gone.

19. Clean your flat iron

Hair straighteners can get dirty over frequent use. If you use a dirty flat iron, it will be unhealthy for your hair.

Take a magic eraser and wipe the flat iron with it.

20. Remove pen mark from any leather bag

Leather bags are sensitive, and they need the care to clean. If there is any stain or pen mark in your leather bag, you can remove the mark with a magic eraser.

21. Make those plastic containers new again

Plastic containers can attract food stains easily, and the stain can become sticky over time. That is why, if regular washing seems like not enough, you can wipe the plastic containers with magic erasers.

22. Clean your garage wall

Garage walls are commonplace for algae and mold buildup. You can clean your garage wall with a magic eraser very easily.

Wet the magic eraser first if the stain is hard.

23. Make those fridge handles look shiny again

I am sure your fridge handle does not look the same as when you first bought your fridge. Over constantly touching the handle, it is normal for it to get dirty.

I use a magic eraser to clean the fridge handle once every week, which keeps it clean and shiny.

24. Clean your glass stovetop

Glass stovetops can get scratch if you use any harsh scrubbing tool. They need proper care while cleaning.

The sticky food stain makes it tough to clean. That is why use a magic eraser to get rid of all the dirt.

25. Make those faucets free from water stain and soap scum

I hate it whenever I see watermarks or soap scum in my bathroom faucets. I used magic erasers to clean the faucet.

It not only cleans the faucets but also prevents from getting dirty again.

These are the 25 magic eraser hacks I use at least once a month. I find these so easy and effective that I deny using any other cleaning product unless I need deep cleaning.

The fact I like most about the magic erasers is that they are really fast and effective. It saves me a lot of time and energy.

How does magic erasers work?

Magic erasers are sponges that are made out of melamine foams. It has been using as an insulation element for homes or places that need to be soundproof or weatherproof. The melamine resin in the magic erasers forms into foams to be as hard as glass. The smaller particle in the magic erasers can scuff off the hardest stains on any surface in the form of the finest sandpaper.

What surfaces you can use a magic eraser on?

Magic erasers work well on any surface like the painted, polished, or easily scratched ones. You can use them on natural stones to cookware, stainless steel, or wood surfaces. But it is preferred to use it on a smaller portion first to see if it is appropriate to use it on or not.

What surfaces you can’t use a magic eraser on?

As the magic erasers are abrasives, it is better not to use them on the delicate glossy surface like marbles, granite countertops, or tiles. The harsh abrasive of the magic eraser might make the marbles or the granites look dull and scratchy by damaging the elements’ sealant.

Do you need to rinse after using magic eraser?

If you need to rinse after using the magic eraser depends on what surface you are using it on. Suppose you are using the magic eraser on the wall to remove the crayon marks. This scenario does not require you to rinse the wall after you use the magic eraser. But if you are using the magic eraser on the cookware to remove the grease stain, you might need to wash or rinse them off. It is because the magic eraser has an abrasive element in it. To avoid any health hazard, it is better to rinse the elements you use to make food after using the magic eraser.

What makes magic eraser work so well?

The foam-like melamine formation is the key to the magic eraser’s super effectiveness to clean any stains from any surface. It has chemical elements like nitrogen, formaldehyde, sodium bisulfate, which creates magic in the cleaning process. These elements are merged with melamine to create the superfine sandpaper textured foam to remove all the dirt and stains.

Is it safe to use a magic eraser for daily cleaning?

The magic erasers are safe for the daily cleaning process if used by maintaining the proper directions. The magic eraser elements are not that harmful to us as they have been in regular use for a long time. But it might cause some skin irritation or light chemical burn to those who have super sensitive skin.

How long each magic eraser pad lasts?

The lifetime of the magic eraser sponges is not too long. The time depends on the use of the sponge. If you are using the sponge to clean your bathroom tiles or sopa scums from the glass shower door, it might last only for one use. But if you are to use it for small cleaning like fridge handles, it might last for 2 to 3 use per sponge.

I am sure these magic erasers will come in great use for you. Let me know what you think about these hacks.

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