15 Easy and Quick Laundry Hacks to Save Time and Energy

Nobody loves doing laundry, do they? I’m not any different as well. It is one of those tasks that we need to do even though we hate it.

You can do laundry easily if you know a few hacks. It helped me a lot, and I feel less frustrated doing my laundry nowadays.

It used to take me an immense amount of time to do my laundry. Fortunately, I have found some ideas through which I can have a good time while doing my laundry.

I am sharing 15 easy laundry hacks, which will not only save your time but also save a lot of your energy. With a few good quality products and techniques, you can enjoy doing your laundry as well.

15 Easy and Quick Laundry Hacks to Save Time and Energy

1. Keep a laundry basket for the ones needed urgent cleaning

If you have a school going kid, they might need their clothes or any jersey to be washed right away. Tell your kid to put them in a separate laundry basket.

Keep all of the clothes in that basket that needs a quick cleaning. That is how you will prioritize the ones that need fast cleaning.

2. Do laundry every other day if you are a new mom

This hack is more applicable for new moms out there. You might feel overwhelmed if you keep all the clothes and plan to clean all in one day.

I rather prefer to take a little time out of the day and do laundry every other day.

3. Grab tidy cups

If you don’t have these, it is time to get a few. These tidy cups will hold your detergent without making a mess in your laundry area.

Start using these tidy cups, and you will fall in love with them.

4. Purchase a larger washing machine if you have a big family

The size of the washing machine depends on how many members are there in your family. If you only live with your partner, you can use a small washing machine easily.

But if you have kids, you will need a larger one. It will save you tons of time as you won’t need to wash in many cycles.

5. Wash socks by putting them in mesh bags

I am sure you have been in this situation where you got tired of finding the pairs of socks and matching them after cleaning.

Get a mesh bag and put all of your kids’ socks in it. Run the washer and get it out. There you go, all of the socks are in one place.

6. Sort your laundry by placing them in small baskets

Don’t make only one basket to keep your laundry items. I have separate baskets to keep my t-shirts, pants, undergarments, baby clothes, etc.

You can also grab a laundry basket sorter. These kinds of sorters have dividers and compartments. You can find them online.

7. Purchase a stain remover stick

I never used these stain remover sticks until recently. I got these from Amazon, and I love how quickly they work.

You won’t need to spend a lot of time just scrubbing dirt from the clothes. Use the stick before throwing them in the machine and see the magic.

8. Don’t wash your jeans after every time you wear them

There are a few types of clothes that can be worn multiple times before washing. For example, you can wear jeans a few times before washing.

It will lessen your work and prevent the color from fading away.

9. Use mason jars to organize laundry detergent and other items

Grab a few Mason jars from the dollar store. Use one to keep your detergent. Designate another one to hold the clips.

Keep all these jars in the cabinet above your washer.

10. Don’t pile up clothes

It is never a good idea to pile up clothes and saving them from cleaning during weekends. For example, if you got home after a vacation, divide the clothes and clean a few at a time.

That is how you won’t feel overwhelmed while doing so much at a time.

11. Purchase an ironing mat

If you have no space left in your laundry room, it is time to get rid of that large iron board. Instead of using these iron boards, you can use iron mats.

These are quite convenient as you can iron your clothes anywhere, even on top of your washer. These mats can be found in different sizes. Purchase one that fits with your requirements.

12. Make a laundry routine

There is no alternative to making a laundry routine. If you do not have a laundry routine, you will never be able to find out time to do laundry except for the weekends.

And that is not a good idea at all. Make a laundry routine that is achievable and goes with your schedule. Also, make sure you follow the schedule.

13. Install a metal shelving in your laundry room

There are too many things that we keep in the laundry room; sometimes, it’s hard to keep them organized.

If you can organize all of these accessories and products, you can save a lot of time while doing laundry.

I have installed a metal shelf in the laundry room where I keep the detergent, fabric softener, paper towels, hangers, etc.

14. Use the space above your washing machine

Build some floating shelves or a cabinet above your washing machine. You can use the cabinet to put laundry baskets or keep the laundry accessories.

Keep all of the things near your hand.

15. Speed up drying time with wool dryer balls

While you dry your clothes, place a few of these balls in the dryer. You will be surprised to see how fast your clothes will become dry.

Try to follow a few of these hacks and see if they work for you or not. The big difference between doing laundry previously and now for me is I stay organized, and it saves me a lot of time.

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15 Easy and Quick Laundry Hacks to Save Time and Energy

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