18 Ways to Organize Your Master Bedroom

Whether you have a small or large bedroom, you should keep it organized. The bedroom is one place we love to be after the whole day’s work.

A lot of people ask me how they can make the best out of the unused spaces in their bedrooms. Well, I have a few great ideas that will help you to keep your bedroom organized.

You probably don’t know how you can use those tiny little places to store items. I will help you with 18 new easy, and effective ideas to organize your master bedroom.

18 Ways to Organize Your Master Bedroom

1. Use small rolling crates to store clothes and shoes underneath your bed

You can use the space underneath your bed to store a few of your regular shoes and clothes. I have purchased two rolling crates, and I keep my blankets and extra pillows there.

2. Store blankets and clothes in the storage bag organizers

I have a few heavy blankets that I only use during winter. So, I prefer to keep them away from the other seasons.

I have purchased four storage bag organizers, and I use them to keep those blankets. You can find these online.

3. Do not underestimate decluttering

You need to declutter your master bedroom if it is filled with unused items. For example, I do not keep any dress in my closet that I wore 3 years ago for the last time.

I also threw away all the unnecessary paperwork.

4. Use baskets from the dollar store to store regular clothes

I am sure you have that one shirt that you wear at least once every two weeks. Keep such clothes in a basket. Also, place the basket on the front side of your cabinet so that you can reach easily.

You can purchase such baskets from the dollar store.

5. Install a floating corner shelf in your master bedroom

If you do not have enough space in your room, you can make full use of that corner wall of your room.

Install a few floating shelves. You can use those shelves to store books, a lamp, your keys, and daily used items.

6. Mount a magazine holder horizontally in another corner

You can mount a magazine holder in the corner as well. You can use that to store your mails or paperwork.

Another thing you can store is magazines. SURPRISE!

7. Use a pegboard to store small accessories

You can install a pegboard beside your bed. You can easily hang your scarf, bags, watches and some paintings.

You can customize the color with the theme of your room as well.

8. Attach a caddy beside your bed

If you are like me loves to work in bed, you will love this idea. I always sit in my bed with my laptop at night.

I often fell asleep with it in my bed. That’s when I decided to attach caddy, which lets me keep my laptop, AC remote, phone, etc. in the caddy.

9. Place a wicker basket beside your bed

You can put those extra cushions of your bed in the basket before going to sleep. It will add a vintage look to your bedroom and help you keep organized as well.

10. Store your kid’s toys in containers and label them

If you have a kid, you surely know how much storage you need just to store the toys. You can use plastic containers.

Place these containers on one side of the room and label them.

11. Get an ottoman with storage

I love the ottoman I have kept in front of the windows. It has great storage, and I keep all miscellaneous items in the storage.

12. Hang a “hanging storage bag” in your bedroom door

You can purchase such hanging storage bags from Amazon and keep it in your bedroom door. I actually have one in the door of my bedroom and another in the door of my bathroom.

These are great to store little items.

13. Use a rolling cart to store crafting items

If you do not have a separate room to store your crafting items, you can store them in your bedroom. As I love to work with craft and art projects, I store these in a rolling cart.

As a result, I can easily move the cart whenever I need it. I keep the colors, markers, glue, papers, etc.

14. Use binder clips to hold the cords

If you have a separate desk for your laptop, computer, and other devices, I am sure the place is messy with cords.

I have attached a few binder clips beside my table. I keep all the cords organized with them.

15. Organize the drawers of your closet with small baskets

I have purchased small baskets from the dollar tree store. I keep these baskets in the drawers of my closet.

It helps me to store my watches, hair bands, pins, clips, etc. separately.

16. Store hair styling tools in a wire rack

I have installed a wire rack in my bathroom to store all of my hair styling tools. I keep my curler, straightener, hair sprays, in the basket.

It saves me a lot of space from my closet.

17. Do not make a clutter in your nightstand

Nightstands are that one place we keep almost everything. I will suggest you make specific storages for separate things.

After all, I am sure no one would want to look at a messy nightstand filled with jewelry and other accessories.

18. Get a hanging purse organizer

Nowadays, these hanging purse organizers are getting popular. You can store all of your handbags and purses in this purse organizer.

They usually come with 6-9 compartments.

These are the organization hacks that I follow to keep my bedroom organized. As the bedroom is the place where we keep most of our belongings, it is normal to become messy.

Please let me know if these organization hacks have helped you or not.

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18 Ways to Organize Your Master Bedroom

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