51 Brilliant House Cleaning Tips You Cannot Afford Not Knowing

None of us likes a messy and dirty house, do we? But we hardly get enough motivation to clean the whole house as it will take an immense amount of time.

Being a mother, there are a lot of things going on around me all the time. In such circumstances, it is often tough to concentrate on cleaning the house.

As a new mom, I faced trouble to keep my house clean, do my work, and look after my baby. But eventually, I found easy and quick cleaning tips that made my life so much easier.

If you are looking for some easy and quick cleaning tips, you have come to the right place. Below, there are 51 brilliant house cleaning tips that will definitely help you.

51 Brilliant House Cleaning Tips You Cannot Afford Not Knowing

1. Clean your microwave in a different way

Get a safe microwave bowl and fill it with water and vinegar. Turn on the microwave and let the bowl sit for a few minutes after getting warm.

Now you can easily clean the sticky dirt.

2. Use baking soda to clean hard stains from an oven

While cleaning your oven, use a very small amount of baking soda. Scrub the inside of the oven with water and your cleaning process will be a lot easier.

3. Unclog drain with vinegar and water

Pour warm water in the drain at first. Then pour a mixture with the same ratio of water and vinegar. Wait for a few minutes and run cold water.

4. Disinfect and clean cutting boards with lemon

Add a few drops of lemon and a small amount of kosher salt in the cutting board. Scrub well, and it will be cleaner than ever before.

5. Remove dirt from your blinds with vinegar in an old sock

Take an old piece of sock and apply an equal amount of water and vinegar. Wipe the sock in the blinds and clean the blinds.

6. Use your hairdryer to remove water stain from wood

Hold the hairdryer above the stain and run for a while. Then apply some olive oil to bring back the life of the wood.

7. Remove oil from the carpet with baking soda

Apply a small amount of baking soda in the stained area. Wait for a while and then vacuum the carpet thoroughly.

8. Clean sofa with baking soda

Another crazy hack for cleaning your sofa is using baking soda. Throw some baking soda and wait for a few minutes. Then vacuum thoroughly.

9. Use apple cider vinegar to clean your bathtub

Pour a cup of apple cider vinegar in the bathtub along with water. Wait for a few minutes and scrub off the bathtub properly.

10. Clean your dishes with vinegar

Place a bowl of vinegar in the dishwasher and clean the dishes with it. Vinegar effectively works against hard water stains.

11. Make your faucets new again with lemon

Get a lemon and scrub the faucet with the piece of lemon. Lemon works really well against the water stains in the faucets.

12. Use a magic eraser to clean the glass oven door

Grab a magic eraser and scrub the door well. Magic erasers work great in case of removing oil and greasy stain.

13. Magically remove dirt from the iron dishes with sea salt

If you can’t find an efficient way to clean your iron dishes, try using a small amount of sea salt. Sea salt is the perfect ingredient to clean iron dishes with any dirt.

14. Apply cream of tartar on the stainless steel appliances

Do you know the cream of tartar can make stainless steel appliances look like new? Try using this to clean such appliances and see the magic.

15. Get help from a toothbrush to clean the garbage disposal

You can pull out the dirt from your garbage disposal using a toothbrush. Cleaning the garbage disposal once a while will keep it from getting clogged.

16. Make your stovetop sparkle again

Make a mixture of dishwashing liquid and baking soda. You can also add some hydrogen peroxide. Apply this mixture in the stovetop and scrub well.

17. Use dryer sheets to protect the baseboards

It is very common that the baseboards in your house attract dirt, and these tend to become dirty very easily. You can use dryer sheets to protect the baseboards.

18. Remove greasy stains with chalk

Ever thought of using chalk to remove greasy stain from your clothes? Give it a try. Rub chalk against the stain and wait. The chalk will absorb the grease easily.

19. Protect your stovetop with car wax

When you apply car wax on the stovetop, it makes sure that there will be less buildup of dirt in the stovetop.

20. Clean your toaster with a paintbrush

It is quite hard to reach the corners of a toaster while cleaning. Grab a paintbrush and some dish soap and thoroughly clean your toaster with the paintbrush.

21. Remove dust from your keyboard with a toothbrush

Removing dust from the keyboard can be quite tough. Use a toothbrush that will go into the corners of your keyboard and remove the dust particles.

22. Clean the chrome faucets by using dryer sheets

If you are tired of those dirty chrome faucets, try using dryer sheets. A dryer sheet can be quite effective in cleaning the chrome faucets.

23. Get rid of hair from your carpet with a squeegee

Grab a squeegee and use it to remove any hair from your carpet. I prefer to use a squeegee before vacuuming my carpet.

24. Clean bathroom grout with Clorox and a toothbrush

Get some Clorox gel and a toothbrush to clean the grout from your bathroom. Scrub for a while for deep cleaning.

25. Gently clean your makeup brushes using baby shampoo

Don’t use harsh products to clean your makeup brushes. Rather use baby shampoo to keep the brushes soft.

26. Clean your bathroom vents using a sponge and soapy water

Make a habit of cleaning your bathroom vents once in a while. You can use a sponge and soapy water to do the task.

27. Bring out the dirt from window tracks using a toothbrush

It seems quite impossible to reach the window tracks, doesn’t it? Well, you can use a toothbrush or a paintbrush to remove the dust.

28. Clean your microfiber couch using rubbing alcohol and baby wipes

Apply some rubbing alcohol in baby wipes and wipe your microfiber couch. Don’t forget to use a hairdryer to dry the couch.

29. Use a lint roller to remove pet hairs from the couch

If you have a pet, you should know how much pet hair can be there on your couch. I usually use a lint roller to remove pet hair from my bed and couch.

30. Use vinegar to clean and disinfect your toilet

Once in a while, pour some vinegar and wait for a while before flushing the toilet. It will disinfect your toilet.

31. Clean the walls of your room using a dust mop

Wrap a piece of microfiber cloth in a dust mop and clean the walls with that.

32. Remove coffee stain from clothes with baking soda

You can easily remove a coffee stain from your clothes by applying a small amount of baking soda. The coffee stain will go away like magic.

33. Clean your washing machine using bleach and white vinegar

Your washing machine needs care too. Pour a small amount of bleach and white vinegar and run your washing machine.

34. Clean cabinet doors by using vegetable oil

You can add a small amount of baking soda as well. Vegetable oil has been proved to be quite effective against cabinet doors.

35. Use magic erasers to clean those dirty baseboards

You can easily remove the dirt from the baseboards by using a magic eraser. One magic eraser should be enough to remove all the dirt.

36. Clean your mattress by sprinkling some baking soda

Cleaning a mattress can be quite tough. You can simply sprinkle a small amount of baking soda and vacuum the mattress.

37. Apply coca-cola in the garage floors to clean it

Coca-cola is quite effective in getting the hard stain out of garage floors. You can try for yourself and see the result.

38. Grind a small amount of rice in the coffee grinder to remove the smell

If your coffee grinder smells, then you can try grinding some uncooked rice. You will get no bad smell anymore.

39. Make your white converse new again with toothpaste

You can make your white converse completely new by applying toothpaste in it. Apply the toothpaste using a toothbrush.

40. Get rid of glitter using a play dough

You can get help from play dough if you have accidentally spilled glitter in your clothes or the floor. The sticky dough will bring it out.

41. Clean the shower doors with Rain-X

If you get soap scum and a water stain in your shower door, try using Rain-X. It works like magic.

42. Get rid of nail polish stain from the carpet with rubbing alcohol

Get a piece of microfiber cloth and apply some rubbing alcohol in it. Then gently wipe the stained area to remove the nail polish stain.

43. Clean your hairbrush using shampoo

You might not have heard this idea before, but cleaning a hairbrush with a small amount of shampoo is quite a good idea.

45. Apply vinegar in the showerhead to remove water stain

Get a Ziploc bag. Fill it with vinegar and tie it around the showerhead. You will see how your shower head sparkles the next morning.

46. Clean grater using a toothbrush

Graters can be quite tough to clean, and you might cut your hand by doing it. That is why I use a toothbrush to clean my grater with a small amount of dish soap.

47. Make your blender new again with dish soap and water

Take a tiny amount of dish soap and water and pour it in the blender. Run the blender for a few seconds and wash thoroughly.

48. Remove dust from lamps using a lint roller

You cannot use anything wet to clean your lamp. Instead, use a lint roller to clean your lamps and remove dust.

49. Clean your TV and computer monitor using coffee filters

A lot of people suggest not to use cleaners to clean TV and computer monitors. Instead, use old coffee filters to clean the monitors.

50. Use ammonia to clean stove burners

Get a Ziploc bag and pour a cup of ammonia in it. Now, soak the stove burner overnight. Clean the stove burner the next morning and see the magic.

51. Disinfect your toilet brush with pine sol

Pour a good amount of pine sol in the toilet brush holder to keep it germ-free. Do this once in a while, and the toilet brush will never smell bad again.

These are all my house cleaning tip for you. I am sure you are already familiar with some of these. Let me know what you think about these house cleaning ideas.

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51 Brilliant House Cleaning Tips You Cannot Afford Not Knowing

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