39 Useful Storage Hacks That You Must Know

If you are tired of all the chaos and mess that is happening in your house, you have come to the right place. I will share a few useful storage hacks that you can easily apply to your house to lessen the mess.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a large or small apartment. I used to live in a tiny apartment when I got my first job. But I didn’t have 3 family members back then as of right now.

So, keeping the house organized and clutter-free is a challenging task, especially when you are a parent. Luckily, I have found a few storage hacks that help me to use the space in my house efficiently.

Below there are 39 useful storage hacks that will make your life a bit easier, for sure.

39 Useful Storage Hacks That You Must Know

1. Organize your makeup in a shoe organizer

Hang a shoe organizer on the backside of your bathroom door. Use it as a makeup organizer. As simple as that.

You won’t be needing extra drawers or containers to keep your makeup items.

2. Use the space underneath a bench

If there is any space underneath the bench in your kid’s playroom, use the space efficiently with storage boxes.

Keep your kid’s toys in the box underneath the bench.

3. Build a shelf above the bathroom door

If you have a tiny bathroom, you probably do not have enough space to store the towels and bathrobes.

Build a shelf and keep all these things there. Use the space above your bathroom.

4. Store the oven mitts on metal racks

Get a metal rack and hang it one of the cabinet doors in your kitchen. That is how you will find the oven mitts right away when you need them.

5. Add dividers in the kitchen cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are too large, you might not be able to get full use out of it. Adding dividers in the kitchen cabinet will help you to store kitchen items efficiently in the cabinets.

6. Use the space underneath your bed

I use the empty space underneath my bed to keep all of my shoes. That is how I don’t need an extra shoe rack.

You can use the space to keep other items as well.

7. Organize your hairdressing tools in a wired rack

Get a wired rack and hang it in one corner of your bathroom. Now, keep all the hairdressing tools like straightener, curler, in the wired rack.

That’s how you can save the space of your bathroom cabinet.

8. Organize cutting boards in a wired basket

Don’t put the cutting boards in the cabinets. It usually takes a good amount of space. Rather, use wired baskets to organize the cutting boards.

You can install the wired basketing a cabinet door.

9. Use a magazine holder to store the paper plates

If you use paper plates occasionally, you can use a magazine holder to keep them organized and separate from others in the kitchen cabinet.

10. Hang the pans and pots using a towel bar

It is one of the oldest storage hacks. Install a towel bar in your kitchen and hang all of your pots and pans in the bar with S-shaped hooks.

11. Get an ottoman with shoe storage

I love ottomans that come with space. You can get a shoe storage ottoman and place it in front of your door.

I have one with 12 compartments.

12. Install corner shelves in your room

Corner shelves can always help you with extra storage. I have installed a few corner shelves to organize a few of my books and daily accessories.

13. Use the space underneath your kitchen sink

Purchase a dollar store basket and store kitchen cleaning items in the basket. Keep the basket underneath your kitchen sink.

14. Purchase a cube organizer and use it as a nightstand

I can’t express how much I love these cube organizers. These are so convenient and comes with so much space.

You can use it as a nightstand to keep all of your necessary items in one place.

15. Platform beds are the best when it comes to storing items

As I said earlier, you can use the space underneath your bed. In that case, platform beds are the best, you can keep items under your bed easily.

16. Use a rolling cart to store crafting items

If you love doing arts and crafts project, you can use a rolling cart to store the items. Usually these rolling carts have 3 floors and you can easily use different parts to store different items.

17. Keep your kid’s stuffed animals in a basket

Get a large basket and keep all of the stuffed animals there. Teach your kid to do the same after they are done playing with the toys.

18. Use mason jars to store beans and spices

You can purchase a few cheap mason jars from the dollar store. I use mason jars to keep different kinds of beans and spices.

19. Keep extra toilet papers in a magazine holder

I always keep 2-3 extra toilet papers in my bathroom. I use an old magazine holder to keep the toilet papers.

20. Purchase a spice rack from the dollar store

Once you purchase a spice rack from the dollar store, you will know that it was a worthy investment. A spice rack comes with a few spice holders and you can easily store all of your spices there.

21. Organize your cutlery with plastic drawer organizers

You will find small plastic organizers in the dollar store and you can use them to organize your cutlery. Keep the baskets in the drawer and organize all your spoons and forks in the organizers.

22. Store all of the cookie cutters in Ziploc bags

I love to collect cookie cutters and surprise my kid with different shapes of cookies. You can keep these cookie cutters in Ziploc bags and label them as well.

23. Keep all of your magazines and cookbooks in magazine holders

Use those magazine holders for what they are made of. Organize the magazines and cookbooks and keep them in the magazine holders.

24. Use a basket to store the towels in your bathroom

If you don’t have enough space in your bathroom to store the towels, you can use a small basket to keep them organized in one place.

25. Install and extra shower rod for additional storage

A small bathroom always needs additional space. You can try installing an extra shower rod to store and hang your toiletries.

26. How about getting a few bathroom organizer baskets?

You can find these plastic bathroom organizers in the dollar store. Hang the organizer in a wall so that you can keep toiletries in this organizer.

27. Use ice cube trays to store your earrings

You can use an ice cube trays to store your earrings. The small compartments in an ice cube tray will easily hold the earrings in the right place.

28. Use a broken frame as a key organizer

If you have an old broken frame, use the frame to old your keys in the wall. Install the frame beside your front door to keep all the keys in one place.

29. Hang your jeans in the closet using S shaped hooks

Folding jeans and pants might not be a good idea if you have a small closet. You can use a few S shaped hooks to hang all of your jeans.

30. Turn a wine rack into a towel holder

If you have an old wine rack sitting idle in your house, use it as a towel holder. Mount it in one of the walls of your bathroom and turn it into a towel holder.

31. Hang a shower caddy beside the front door to store mails

A shower can be used in many other ways beside using in the bathroom. Hang a shower caddy beside your front door to store all of your mails.

32. Organize spatulas and tongs with mason jars

If you can’t find a proper space for your tongs and spatulas you can use a few mason jars to hold them.

33. Always use small baskets to efficiently use the space in a drawer

Purchase a few small baskets and place them in your drawer. Otherwise, you drawer will be a mess with clutters. Small baskets will help you to use the space efficiently.

34. Hang a pegboard in your bedroom to store items

Hanging a pegboard can always help you to keep the things that you do not find a proper space to put in.

You can use a pegboard to organize your makeup items, jewelries, and keys etc.

35. Store foil papers in a magazine holder

As foil papers have a weird size and they don’t fit in the cabinets, you can always use a magazine holder to store the foil papers.

36. Purchase small baskets from the dollar store to organize your laundry room

I use small baskets to organize and store all of my cleaning items in one place. I hate doing laundry, and especially when all of my laundry items are unorganized.

37. Hang your scarves using bangles and hangers

Attach a few old bangs in a hanger and use it to store your scarves. That is how you can hang more than ten scarves in one hanger. You can use several hangers as well for your socks.

38. Get an undergarment organizer from the dollar store

You will find undergarment organizers in the dollar store. They come with several compartments to keep your undergarments organized.

39. Use a separate basket for bath toys in the bathroom

If you have a kid, you probably see toys lying on the bathtub every now and then. Well, grab a separate basket and keep all the bath toys there.

I hope all these storage hacks will come in great use of you. The ultimate secret of keeping things organized in a house is to use small spaces for storage.

Look around your house and start to think creatively. Don’t forget to share new storing ideas if you find any.

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