22 Laundry Room Organization Hacks for Lazy People

I used to procrastinate when the time to do laundry used to come nearer. There’s just so much to do within such limited space. Washing, drying, ironing, and taking special care of delicate clothes.

Getting your laundry room organized and in shape is a challenging task but not an impossible one. I got happy to do my laundry on time when I started keeping the room organized.

Play some music on your mobile phone. Get started with outlining your laundry room organization plan on a pen-paper. Apply some creative techniques to be free from the tension of doing laundry.

Here are a few tricks to make you a proactive person like me.

22 Laundry Room Organization Hacks

1. Hang wall storage for organizing your laundry supplies

A hanging wire storage rack on the wall can be your best companion for storing powder detergent containers, fabric softener bottles, baby fabric wash bottles, etc.

It is perfect for a small laundry room. Also, it gives you good accessibility.

2. Add shelving to the corners

Use every corner of the room to store your things. Attach the shelves on the wall and keep anything you like. You can also put some baskets on them to keep your dirty undergarments.

3. Have a drying rack in one corner of the room

Having a drying rack is good for your delicate clothes, which you like to hand wash and not put in a dryer. You can also hang your clothes after pressing them and keep them there to be folded later.

You can either use a foldable drying rack or hang one from the ceiling to utilize that space as well. You can hang your long clothes from this ladder-like ceiling drying rack with the help of some hanger.

4. Make use of old furniture for storing

If you have an old unused bookshelf left in your garage that can fit perfectly in the laundry room, then don’t hesitate to make use of it. You can repaint it to match with your laundry room.

Similarly, a side table in your bedroom, a small cabinet in your living room that you wish to replace but don’t want to through it out, you can put it in your laundry room to give it a new purpose to serve.

5. Add a holding or folding station

Mount a small piece of counter that can be folded down and back up when it is not in use. Place it beside your washing machine and dryer.

The folding up and down trick can save you some walking space in your laundry room. The functions of this station are- a holding counter for your laundry basket and a folding station for after wash service.

6. Place your washer and dryer side by side

Leave no gap between your washer and dryer to make use of your laundry room space fully. Also, you won’t face any difficulty in transferring your clothes from the washer to the dryer.

7. Keep separate baskets for your clothes

Use separate baskets to keep your white cloths, colorful clothes, baby clothes, socks, and undergarments separately. In this way, you won’t have any color mess up.

8. Use clothespin to label the baskets

Dollar store baskets are great for organizing clothes in your laundry room. But things can get messy again quickly if it’s not clear what to put where. To solve this, install labels with a clothespin on the basket.

9. Place your ironing board standing upright in one corner

I prefer to iron my clothes right after they are dried. If you have a small laundry room, then keeping your ironing board open will take a lot of space. That’s why I prefer to fold it away in one corner.

10. Make use of your laundry rooms door

You can use an over the door shoe storage rack or a closet rack on the back of your laundry rooms door to store your small supplies.

11. Use hooks on the wall

Placing hooks is the simplest solution in your laundry room organization process. You can hang anything such as- damp towel, a sock maybe if you cant find its pair or your cleaning brushes.

12. Add pullout racks in your cabinet

Using pullout racks in your cabinet will help you to keep things organized and identify all the stuff that you’ve kept in there easily.

13. Hang a small whiteboard

Hang a whiteboard in your laundry room to take notes on your laundry routine. You can also write down about different temperatures to follow while ironing different materials of clothes.

14. Use magnetic cups to hold your marker and duster

Never forget where you’ve stored your marker and duster if you use a magnetic cup to hold them.

15. Use laundry guard to the rescue

Use laundry guard to save your things or small clothes from falling behind and forgotten. Now you remember where the other pair of your favorite sock went?

16. Swap your laundry supplies from bulky box to small jars

Use medium-sized jars to keep your laundry supplies because they are more manageable than bulky supply boxes.

17. Don’t forget to label your supply jars

After transferring your laundry supplies into jars, you must label them to use them with ease and not get confused.

18. Use a slim rolling cart to fill the gap

Between your machines and sink, there’s a little dead space that you don’t use. But leave no space unutilized.

Fill in the gap with a slim rolling cart where you can keep your cleaning supplies and reach them easily.

19. Hang a lint holder

You can use a mail-box on the wall to be used as a lint holder. In this way, you can save some floor space from allowing a traditional trash can.

You can use the lint later to start an outside fire.

20. Hang your broom and mop

Don’t have enough gap space on top of your broom or mop to hang them by hooks? Add a zip tie loop to hang them from regular sized hooks.

21. Keep a change jar

Always check the pockets of your pants before putting them in the washer. You’ll find some changes much time. So keep a change jar in your laundry room to store them.

22. Hang a laundry guide

It gets hard to keep track of which clothes need what treatment, and a printed guide on your wall can help you with the correct information.

These laundry room organization hacks can make you an efficient worker than ever before. These surely have helped me a lot.

How to organize laundry room cabinets?

Laundry room cabinets are the place that gets congested because of low maintenance. Though they are stuffed with different laundry supplements, yet they get a little cleanup. But cleaning the laundry room cabinets and organizing them may be way easier than we can think of.

The easiest way to organize the laundry cabinets is to add containers or labeled baskets in the cabinets. The baskets or containers you place in the laundry room cabinets will help you organize the small bottle or supplements to hold in one small place.

Besides, the labeled baskets will help you to find the supplements with much ease. Remove all the laundry room cabinet elements and place small containers and baskets to place different accessories in them. Reshuffle them until you find the perfect fit for the baskets to use lesser space.

How to organize laundry room cupboards?

Just like the laundry room cabinets, the cupboard also requires some care and maintenance. Staking up the cupboards with the detergent packets and other stuff can cause you more time to find supplements in due time.

Adding up the label baskets in the cupboard can solve the issue and make the cupboard look organized. Just place the baskets according to the different sizes needed and fill them up with your cleaning supplements.

You can also put different cleaning supplies in a different container and label them for better-looking cupboards.

How to organize a laundry basket?

Organizing the laundry basket becomes a must, as it is the most used element in the laundry room. That is why you can not place it in such a place where you can not reach it easily. Nor can you place it around the walkway.

To solve this problem, you can try to place a shelf in one corner of your laundry room. In that way, you can place the laundry baskets on the rack and use the under vacant place as a cloth drying area. You can add a rod for hanging the clothes to dry off.

How to organize hangers in the laundry room?

Drying hangers are the essential supplies or elements in the laundry room. But getting the perfect spot to place them in the laundry room is a bit difficult job.

But if you have shelves or rods placed upon your washing machine or dryer, then it is the perfect place to store your hangers in the laundry room. That way, you will always find them fast enough and keep them organized.

Besides, this will also allow you to get the hangers at your fingertip whenever you need them.

How to organize the basement laundry room?

Laundry rooms usually take up a lot of space in the house. That is why those who have the opportunity to use their basement as the laundry room are the luckiest.

But organizing the basement laundry room can be a bit tricky. As the basement is detached from the main house structure, it becomes difficult to maintain a whole different laundry room area.

With some essential organizing hacks, you can easily organize your basement laundry room and make it more inviting. All you need is just a few elements like:

  • Wall hanging shelves: This will allow you to have more space in your basement laundry room. And also will allow you to keep things near your hand for the flexibility of the work.
  • Labeled basket: This element can help you make your basement laundry room place look neat and tidy. You can place the detergent and all other cleaning supplies organized in the baskets for ease of work.
  • Wall cabinets: Attaching the wall cabinets will help you store chemicals that may be slightly harmful to the skin but clean the house. This will keep it safe from everyone’s reach.
  • Drying rods: Attaching the drying rods will allow you to dry off the clothes properly and place them in an organized way.

These are some simple tricks that you can use to uplift the look for your basement laundry room.

How to organize a mudroom laundry room?

As the mudroom laundry room’s space is usually a bit small and congested, it is better to place a minimal amount of accessories in the area. This way, it is easy to keep it organized. Only by setting the most used and essential elements in the area will make the place look organized. Elements like:

  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Laundry basket
  • Small cabinet of cleaning supplies
  • Hangers

You can easily place these elements in the area to ease your work. Besides, as the elements are not so much in number, you can easily clean them and organize the place by placing them in their dedicated area.

How to organize your laundry room on a budget?

Organizing can be done in many ways. Some may cost you a lot, and some can cost nothing but your creativity and time. But if you want to do this organization, costing less and taking less time, you are in the right place.

Choosing the dollar store items can help you to organize your laundry room on a minimal budget. You can get yourself a basket and containers to organize the laundry room cabinets. Get yourself wooden shelves to add some extra space in the laundry room to place more items.

This way, you can easily organize your laundry room on a budget and make extra space to add up more items in the laundry room.

How to store cleaning supplies in a laundry room?

Storing the laundry room’s cleaning supplies randomly can take up a lot of area in the room. Or the cabinet. That is why the best way to put those in the laundry room is to place them in small baskets from dollar stores or containers. This allows you to find them easily and also store them properly.

Besides, adding up a shelf in the laundry room and placing the items can also help you organize them properly.

How to add storage to my laundry room?

Adding up space to your laundry room is quite easy. You can do this in many ways. Such as:

  • Add shelves
  • Add dryer rods
  • Add cabinets
  • Place small baskets in the cabinet

These will allow you to have more space in your laundry room to place more supplies in the area.

So, start enjoying your time in the organized laundry room and Let me know if doing laundry has become less tiring to you after following these hacks.

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22 Laundry Room Organization Hacks for Lazy People

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