How to Organize a Kitchen Cabinet? 25 Easy to Apply Tricks

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Every member of the family gathers around that place to find out what to eat. I am a person who loves to cook and eat as well.

When I’m preparing food, I make such a mess on the kitchen counter, but after I’m done, I like to clean and put the stuff back in its place in the cabinets.

There was a time when I couldn’t find things in my own kitchen. And that made me frustrated to cook. Finding the things I need easily at the right time makes me happy and focused on my cooking.

That’s why I learned some clever kitchen cabinet organization hacks which helped me a lot, and I’m sure these will help you too-

25 Clever Kitchen Cabinet Organization Hacks 

1. Empty your shelves first

The very first step toward any organization really is to take out all the stuff from its place. In that way, you can clean the area and also sort out things you use or don’t use.

Get rid of the things which are not of any use and donate those which you won’t use anymore.

2. Divide your kitchen cabinets on the basis of different category

This part will be easier if you take a pen and different colored sticky note pads. Sort out the items according to a similar category and mark them with the sticky notes.

In this way, you won’t have any chance of missing out on any item.

3. Use transparent containers to store small items

Small items like flavored essence bottles, food color bottles, spice mix sashes, open food packets, etc. need to be preserved in separate transparent containers so that you can locate them easily.

4. Use trays with a lift-up mechanism

If you are not a tall person like me, then fit trays with lift up mechanism into one of your cabinets to store away cooking ingredients that you use less than usual.

It keeps you’re counter clean and hides your essential ingredients when you’re not using them.

5. Use a hanging caddy on your cabinet door

Hanging organizer provides you some extra space to keep different things like small coffee jars, tea bag boxes, biscuits, etc.

6. Store your children’s’ food separately

Don’t mix up your food items with your kids’ food items. I’m telling you this from my own experience. Keep a separate section for them so that they won’t want the things they are not allowed to get.

7. Strap in your cookbooks on the door

It’s a smart way to keep your cookbooks without letting them eat up any space. You can also take out your desired cookbook easily.

8. Mount a few extra shelves

If your kitchen cabinets are divided with only one shelf space, then mount a few extra shelves to store more things.

9. Use a cabinet wire rack to store plates

A wire rack can hold a big collection of plates and dishes. Save your plates from falling off from your hand and store them on a wire rack.

10. Distinct a cabinet for storing cleaning supplies

Use the cabinet under your kitchen sink for storing cleaning materials like the spray bottle, dishcloth and hang the brushes with the help of some hooks so that you get more space.

11. Label your containers on the upper shelves

If you are storing something in your top shelves and can’t see properly what’s inside from standing down below, then label the container with proper tag. It will help you to locate items easily.

12. Hang your cups below the cabinet

Don’t kill space by storing cups inside the cabinet. Simply hang them below the cabinet with the help of some s-shaped hooks.

13. Place your cutting boards vertically inside the cabinet

Placing the cutting boards vertically inside the cabinet will give you space beside it to keep other things. Also, you can take out your cutting boards easily whenever you need them.

14. Place a hanging basket on the door

You can put anything inside a hanging basket, which is mostly needed by you. I like to keep my mittens there so that I can get them with no trouble.

15. Use small jars to store your spices

Stock your spices in small jars. It will keep the spices in good condition. Don’t forget to label them so that you don’t get confused when you are using them.

16. Use a lazy susan

Lazy susan is my personal favorite. You get to store many things all together and not face any difficulty in getting a thing from behind. You can just spin and reach for the item.

17. Use over the door hanger to hang foil paper

You will never feel lost again to find out where you have kept your foil paper. Hang it in front of your eyes by using over the door hanger.

18. Keep your Tupperware’s assembled

You can keep your smaller Tupperware inside the bigger ones and save some space inside your kitchen cabinet.

19. Use the sides of your kitchen cabinet

You can hang a paper towel, pot lids, or baking tools on the side of your kitchen cabinet with the help of some hooks or racks. Or you can hang a plant there to make your kitchen look pretty.

20. Hang your measurement spoons inside the cabinet

Not necessary, you have to fit hooks only on the outside of your cabinet. You can fit them inside as well. Fit some hooks inside the cabinet to hang your measurement spoons.

21. Use a metal file organizer

Use a metal file organizer to store your baking trays in an organized way.

22. Use bowl rack

In a standard bowl rack, you can fit 5-6 bowls at a time. If you have a good amount of bowls to store, then buy multiple bowl racks.

23. Use a stackable bottle rack

Your bottle collection making your cabinet look cluttered? Use a stackable bottle rack to store them in a well-ordered way.

24. Hang your pans and free some cabinet space

Take your pots and pans out from the cabinet as it takes up a huge chunk of space and hangs them with an overhead rack. You can use the space to store your other stuff.

25. Use magnetic strip on the back of a door

Keep your knives out of reach from your children. Use a Magnetic strip behind your kitchen cabinet door and hide your knives on that. Make sure you use a powerful magnet to avoid any risk.

When it comes to organization and cleaning, my top priority goes to my kitchen because that’s where the food is.

If you think I’m right, then you can use these simple hacks to organize your kitchen cabinet too.

What goes where in kitchen cabinets?

There is no universal way or predefined organization rules for all types of kitchen cabinets. But there are some tricks or tips regarding the kitchen accessories placement that you can use to make your kitchen cabinets look organized and admirable.

Generally, it is advisable to place the pantry in the bottom part of the kitchen cabinet. Mostly under the countertops. This helps to get the required pantry easily.

The topmost kitchen cabinets should be filled up with the utensils that you do not use on a regular basis. Keep the regular usage pans and other utensils in the lower kitchen cabinets.

And for storing the spoons in kitchen cabinets, use a spoon holder or dollar store racks to organize them according to size and usage.

What do you store in upper kitchen cabinets?

The upper kitchen cabinets are ideal for storing utensils that you do not use on a regular basis. Like the dishes, glass, dinner sets, soup bowls, etc. But the upper kitchen cabinets can also be used as spice storage if you do not have any bottom cabinet or drawer system under your countertops. You can also store your mixing bowls or pantry items in the upper kitchen cabinets.

What do you store in corner kitchen cabinets?

The corner kitchen cabinets mostly create confusion regarding the storage things in them. As they are not so spacious as the regular ones, you can not store larger utensils or accessories in them. That is why it is preferred to place the less used items in the corner kitchen cabinets. You can also use the corner lower cabinets as the garbage bin placing area. You can store the recycled items in the upper corner cabinets. This will allow you to have a neat and tidy kitchen area.

How do you store in deep corner kitchen cabinets?

Generally, the corner kitchen cabinets have less space in them. But there are some corner kitchen cabinets which could have deep space in them. And those deep corner kitchen cabinets are perfect for storing the large pans, casserole dishes, or pots that you want to store for later use. You can also use this area as a pantry section. This will allow you to store oil cans safely for your later use.

How to organize a kitchen cabinet on a budget?

Organizing the kitchen cabinets on a budget is not a difficult task. All you need to know is what you can use to minimize the cost and also know how to make the organization perfect for everyday use.

You can use or choose a couple of things near your hand to make the kitchen cabinet organization neat and cheap. The things that you can use to make the organization proper is given below:

  • Stick-on holders: You can place this adhesive holder on the kitchen cabinet doors to create storage space to hold the spice jars for you.
  • Metal file organizer: Metal file organizers are good for stacking up the dishes in places. This way, you can save a lot of money and use multiple metal files to stacking more dishes to organize your kitchen cabinet.
  • DIY wire utensil racks: You can also make your DIY wire rack with multiple holder area to store or place your regular use pans or spoons. The wire rack can be placed under the kitchen cabinet to build up more space for your use.
  • Create sections with plywood dividers: The plywood dividers can be cheap to create different sections in your kitchen cabinet. You can install them in your kitchen cabinet to create a separate place for different things to store.

These small tricks can help you to save money and space to organize your kitchen cabinets with ease.

How to organize a kitchen cabinet with dollar tree?

Dollar tree items are perfect for kitchen cabinet organizing for those who want to spend minimal money after the organization. The dollar tree baskets are ideal for placing the goods in different sections to put them in the cabinet. This way, you can place the different spoons in the different baskets and find them easily when you need them.

You can use the dollar tree bins in your kitchen cabinet to place the lids of your casseroles and plans. This will allow you to store the lids properly, and you will be tension free as they will not fall out whenever you open the kitchen cabinet door.

You can find yourself removable labels from the dollar store. This will allow you to nark different spices and in the kitchen cabinet.

You can also find the file holder in the dollar store to attach them to the kitchen cabinet door to store the paper napkins and kitchen towels without occupying extra spaces in the kitchen.

And with these easy and cheap dollar tree ideas, you can easily change your kitchen’s outlook at a minimal cost.

How to organize coffee cup cabinets?

Organizing the coffee cups in the kitchen cabinets are one of the most difficult tasks. They do not stack up or stay in places while we stack them up. That is why they need different setups to place them accurately.

One of the easiest ways to organize the coffee cups in the kitchen cabinet is to add a screw under the cabinet. Then you can easily hang the coffee cups in the screw holders to store them properly.

But if you do not want to attach screws under your kitchen cabinets, it would better to place them in the below drawers in the bottom cabinets.

How to organize kitchen cabinets without a pantry?

Not all kitchens have a separate pantry area. And for those kitchens, the kitchen cabinets may be the ultimate savior. But organizing the pantry in the kitchen cabinet can be tricky because of the different containers and others.

The best way to organize the pantry in the kitchen cabinet is by placing them in small baskets and labeling them. This will allow you to organize the pantry and have more space left in the kitchen cabinet to place other items.

Should you line your kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet liners are the protective shield for the cabinets. It saves the shelves and other parts from damage or any scratches. That is why it is preferred to line the kitchen cabinets as the kitchen cabinets contain sharp elements. Besides, it is an inexpensive process to protect your furniture from any damages.

What are the best kitchen cabinet liners?

Choosing the best shelf liners is a must to protect your furniture outlook and save them from damages. A list of our top picks of the best kitchen cabinet liners is given below to help you choose the best for your use.

  • Con-Tact Brand Semi-Transparent Vinyl Shelf Liner: This liner is considered to be the best for overall use. That means you can use it anywhere and protect your furniture from any damages.
  • Duck Peel N’ Stick Shelf Liner: This liner is a budget-friendly liner to choose for. If your concern is getting the best in the budget, then you can choose this.
  • Warp Brothers Plast-O-Mat Ribbed Shelf Liner: This is great for the painted kitchen cabinets. If your kitchen cabinet is covered in enamel colors or other, this is the perfect choice for you.

So, these are the three top picks of us to choose from. But you can also go to the hardware stores and find liners of your choice and price range.

Let me know if these hacks are helping you.

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