20 Home Hacks That Will Make You Look Like an Organization Genius

No one likes an unorganized and uncleaned house. I am one of them, and I cannot rest properly until I clean my house after coming from work.

But it is not always possible to clean and organize the house every single day. I mean, we have a lot going on our life.

Fortunately, there are some home hacks that will help you to become more organized than ever. You will be surprised to know how a few home hacks can bring so much change.

If you want to become an organization genius, these are for you. Below, there are 20 home hacks that will make you feel like an expert in organizing.

20 Genius Home Organization Hacks

1. Use command hooks to hang pans and pots

You will no longer see a clutter when you will open that kitchen cabinet door. The kitchen cabinets are usually small in size.

As a result, when you place pans and pots in the cabinet, they take the entire space.

That is why use command hooks to hang your pans and pots instead of storing them in the cabinets.

2. Get the help of small plastic containers to store silver utensils

You can store your spoons, forks, and knives in the cabinet drawer. Place a few small plastic containers to store them separately.

That is how you will never make a mess in your spoons drawer.

3. Be smart when it comes to organizing

For example, the pans and pots that you use occasionally put them in the lowermost cabinet. Keep the items that you regularly use in the middle cabinet.

Follow such storing methods in your closet and bathroom cabinet as well.

4. Fit more wine glasses in a cabinet by placing them in the opposite direction

When you place wine glasses faced upwards in the kitchen cabinets, you waste a lot of space. But how?

For example, if you try to place two pairs of shoes facing in the same way in a shoebox, you can’t.

That is why they place the shoes in the opposite direction. Do the same for the wine glasses in your kitchen cabinet.

5. Store the wrapping papers in a dress bag

Whenever the Christmas season comes, I end up with a lot of wrapping papers. I recently came up with this idea that I can store the wrapping papers in a dress bag.

After placing them in a dress bag, I hang the bag in the closet with a hanger.

6. Be the smartest when it comes to organizing pens and markers

You can make a DIY pen organizer with a shoebox and a few toilet paper rolls. Take a shoebox and fill it with toilet paper rolls.

You will probably need 18-20 toilet paper rolls. Then organize all the pens, pencils and markers in this box.

7. Follow the age-old method to hang scarves

Sometimes, you need to follow the traditional methods to organize things. For example, I recently made a scarf organizer with a few plastic bangles and a hanger.

I have attached the bangles in with the hanger. The separate compartments help me to store all of my scarves in one place.

8. Make full use of the ice cube tray for your eyeshadows

I love to collect those small pieces of eyeshadows that come in small round shaped containers. I use an ice cube tray to store all these eyeshadows in one place.

9. Store hair styling tools in a wire basket

Install a wire basket in your bathroom. The basket will be large enough to hold your hair styling tools like a dryer, straightener, curler, etc.

You can also attach it to your closet instead of the bathroom.

10. Install a few floating shelves

I love this idea as it gives me so much extra space to store items. For example, I have installed two shelves in my kitchen vertically.

I store my spices, sugar, salt, etc. in the shelve. I also have floating shelves in my room to store my necessary daily accessories.

11. Use shower curtain hooks in your closet

The hangers can take a lot of space in your closet. You can use a few hangers mixed with shower curtain hooks.

You can hang your jeans, pants, etc. with the shower curtain hooks in your closet.

12. Use pop tops from soda cans to hang two items

It is probably one of my most favorite organizing hacks. You just need to slide a pop-top from a soda can in your hanger.

Then, use this pop-top to hold another hanger with a t-shirt or tops. Make sure not to use this method for heavy clothing.

13. Store all of your canned foods in magazine holders

Magazine holders can come in great use when it comes to storing items. I use a magazine holder to store different kinds of canned foods.

It saves me a lot of space.

14. Store the bedsheets inside the pillowcases

The bedsheets probably take a lot of space in your linen closet. Take the pillowcase of the similar bedsheet and place your bedsheet inside that pillowcase.

That is how you can save a lot of space in your linen closet.

 15. Purchase a water bottle rack

Do not make a mess by placing your water bottles randomly all over your house. Get a water bottle rack and place it in your refrigerator.

You can also keep it in your dining area to store water bottles.

16. Store pasta in a Pringles container

The size of these Pringles containers is so perfect that they will hold your kinds of pasta. If you do not want to keep the packaging, use a Pringles container to store pasta.

17. Use a Lysol wipes container to store grocery bags

Nothing can be more annoying when you cannot find a grocery bag when you need it. Roll up the grocery bags and place them in a Lysol wipe container.

That is how you store grocery bags, as simple as that.

18. Say goodbye to messy cords with binder clips

Do not make a mess in your computer table with all the cords. Attach a few binder clips at one side of the table.

Now, organize all the cords with the help of these binder clips.

19. Store your cleaning products in small baskets

I have a separate cabinet in my laundry room to store all of my cleaning products. I keep detergent, glass cleaner, etc. in the containers.

If you have separate containers, always label each container.

20. Store those beautiful cupcake liners in a mason jar

Honestly, I can’t get enough of these mason jars. These are the containers that can be helpful in so many ways.

I use a mason jar to store all of my cupcake liners.

I am sure these home hacks will help you in one way or another to make your house more organized. I think keeping a house organized is crucial because it makes everyone happy.

Personally, I believe that I will never stay happy in an unorganized and cluttered house. However, let me know if you have any queries related to these hacks.

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20 Home Hacks That Will Make You Look Like an Organization Genius

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