15 Back To School Organization Ideas That Will Make You A Proud Parent

Nothing can be more annoying as a mom to see all the paperwork your kids bring from school. Well, they don’t have a choice.

There is always too much going on with all the stationery items, paperwork, newsletter, books, homework, etc.

It is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and pressured with all these things. I remember when I was a kid, and I used to make piles of papers every day, and my mom couldn’t get more annoyed by these.

But she always helped to keep things organized, and that’s how I became what I’m today. If you are looking for back to school organization ideas, you have come to the right place.

I’ve been following these 15 back to school organization ideas for a while. It helps my kid to concentrate more on his study rather than getting distracted with so much mess happening around.

Let’s see what the 15 back to school organization ideas are.

15 Back To School Organization Ideas

1. Use separate file folders for all the paperwork based on different categories

I keep separate file folders to keep all those messy paperwork that my kid brings home from school. For example, I have made a separate folder to keep his homework related papers.

I have another one to keep all of his drawing books. You can make categories based on your choice.

2. Hang the backpacks with command hooks

My kid has 3 different backpacks of 3 different superheroes. He loves the backpacks and takes them to school alternatively.

I have installed 3 command hooks on the east side wall in his room. He hangs all of his backpacks there.

3. Make an art and craft station

Make a separate art and craft station for your kid. I have made a separate table in his room where I keep all of his crafting materials and drawing papers.

It helps and inspires him to do all those art and craft projects.

4. Make a DIY checklist board for your kid

Teach your kid to make a habit of making his/her daily checklist. After waking up in the morning, that’s the 1st thing they should do.

It will keep them organized and will teach them how to manage time. You can make your own DIY checklist with a chalkboard or simply use a notepad.

5. Make full use of the plastic containers as school supplies organizers

You can take a few large plastic containers that are probably sitting idle in your kitchen. Use these plastic containers to organize your kid’s school supplies.

For example, make one container for all the paintings and colors.

6. Use a shoe organizer to store stationery items

You can try using a shoe organizer to organize your kid’s art and craft items as well as all the stationery items.

As these shoe organizers come in transparent compartments, you can easily organize different kinds of items there.

7. Store the library books in a wired basket

I love reading books, and fortunately, my kid is growing into a book lover as well. I have made a separate basket to store the books he borrows from the library.

It makes sure that the books don’t get lost. Also, my kid shows more care to the library books by keeping them in the basket after reading.

8. Choose the outfits for a whole week and organize in a cabinet based on days

I can’t believe how my kid is growing up so fast. One of my favorite things to do is to dress up my kid every day for school.

I make separate sets of clothes and keep them in different compartments. So that he can choose what to wear on which day.

9. Make your own DIY lunch organizer

You need to be very careful about your kid’s lunch. You need to make sure he/she eats the lunch as well as gets all the nutrition.

I have a separate station in my kitchen, where I organize lunch for my kid. I keep different kinds of fruits in a basket. I have a few paper containers to give my kid different kinds of food.

Keep all of the necessary items in the station, and it will make your life a lot easier.

10. Place an after school snack basket in the kitchen

I made a basket to keep all the different types of after school snacks for my kid. After coming from school and freshening up, the first thing that he does is to go to the kitchen for some snacks.

I keep different kinds of snacks for him so that he can enjoy the time after school.

11. Store homework stationery items in a rolling cart

If your kid loves to do his/her homework in different places, you need this rolling cart. My kid always does his homework on his table.

But whenever I visit my niece, I see her doing homework either in the living room or in the patio. Well, in that case, you can store your stationery items in a rolling cart.

Purchase a rolling cart and use different containers to hold the stationery items.

12. Use a lazy Susan turntable to store pencils, pens, glues, markers

I love how easy and convenient this lazy Susan turntable is. There are 6 compartments in total. I use each compartment to store pens, pencils, glue, color pencils, markers, and one for erasers and sharpeners.

It will help your kid to find all the necessary items while doing homework.

13. Keep the papers that need to be signed in a magazine holder

When your kid starts getting to school, you will see how many papers you will need to sign each month. Most of the time, I have to sign the test papers.

Sometimes I forget to sign, and my kid gets into trouble. That is why I have made a separate magazine holder keep all the papers that need to be signed.

14. Make a calendar filled with the school chores that need to be done

I have a large calendar in my kid’s room. I have made it myself with a few colorful papers and flitter pens.

There is enough space in each of the compartments to write down everyday to-do list. I have taught my kid to wake up every day and write down all the things he needs to get done.

He also writes down the home works that are due the next week or so.

15. Write down all the stationery and paper items you need to buy in a sticky note pad

Grab a sticky note pad and keep it in your kid’s room. Tell your kid to write the things down if they need any extra stationery or paper items.

You can easily grab the sticky note the next time you go shopping.

These are all of my back to school organization ideas. If you have any other ideas, please don’t hesitate to share. I would love to get to know about more ideas.

The very last suggestion from me to you is to let your kid be in charge. Take their opinion and teach them habits to keep things organized in your house.

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15 Back To School Organization Ideas That Will Make You A Proud Parent

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