99 Items You Must Throw Away and Declutter for a Tidy Home

In order to keep any house organized and tidy, you need to get rid of things every now and then. I am sure there are a lot of things in your room you are sitting right now that you don’t need.

Well, an easy suggestion is to throw them away or sell them. You can also donate the items that are still usable.

Your house will never look organized if you keep hundreds of things that you don’t use. They just take your place and make the rooms look more jampacked.

It can be hard to get rid of many things as you might have memories attached to them. I will not suggest throwing away every single thing that you hold dear to.

You will feel great if you can do this. It is time to throw away some items and make your home more tidy and clean.

I will suggest you 99 items that you can throw away right now.

99 Items You Must Throw Away 

    1. Those extra buttons that come with your shirts. Well, I never use them. Throw them away after a while.
    2. Expired canned foods and other condiments.
    3. DVDs that are of no use anymore when you can download and see all the movies.
    4. CDs that have been scratched. They are of no use anyway.
    5. Old Tupperware that you cannot use properly
    6. Old cookbooks because you have online recipes everywhere
    7. Those baking stuff that you haven’t used for a year
    8. Shoes that don’t fit you anymore
    9. Donate your kid’s clothing items
    10. Clothes that are out of style or you don’t wear anymore
    11. Knives that have rust on them or became super dull
    12. Clothes that do not fit you
    13. A broken piece of jewelry you cannot wear again
    14. Old birthday cards
    15. Glasses with a chip in one corner
    16. Wedding invitation cards
    17. Toys that have been broken
    18. Old board games that your kid will never play again
    19. Donate the books that no one of your family will read again
    20. Old cookware that might break any time
    21. Batteries that have expired
    22. Extra cables and cords that you literally have no idea where to use
    23. One piece of sock that has a missing pair
    24. Old cell phones in your closet that you will never use
    25. A broken coffee machine. It is time to get a new one
    26. Name tags from an event. The event is over and thus the purpose of the name card.
    27. Nail polishes that have completely dried up
    28. Lipsticks that you never wear because of the color
    29. Notebooks that do not have any page left
    30. Sponges that you have used for over a year
    31. Earrings that have missing pairs
    32. Extra paperwork that you don’t need anymore
    33. Old emails and receipts
    34. Bedsheets that have been worn out
    35. Cutting boards that have become old and rusty
    36. Cleaning products that are out of date and became old
    37. Extra hangers that you get from the dry cleaners
    38. Coupons that have expired
    39. Bridesmaid dresses. Well, you are never going to wear them again.
    40. Items from the dollar store that are of no use
    41. Kitchen tools that you have bought but never use
    42. Extra salt and pepper holders. You don’t need two of each in the dining table
    43. Screws and nails from furniture that can’t be used anywhere else
    44. Teeth whitening trays that have become old
    45. Menus from take outs that you can find online
    46. Old exercising tools and accessories
    47. Shoes that hurt when you walk. Get rid of the uncomfortable shoes
    48. Old alarm clocks because you have your phone
    49. Plastic spoons and forks you get from taking outs
    50. Hairbands that have worn out
    51. Acrylic paintings that have dried out as well as the painting brushes
    52. Large carton after moving to a new home. You are not going to need them in a while
    53. Cereal boxes that are of no use
    54. Clothes that you don’t feel comfortable after wearing
    55. Stockings with holes in them
    56. That old gorgeous dress you don’t like anymore
    57. Hairdryer attachments you never use
    58. Cleaning rags that have become old
    59. Puzzle set with missing parts
    60. Socks that have holes in them
    61. Vitamins that have expired
    62. Stuffed toys that are sitting idle at your home
    63. Worn out bedsheets
    64. Extra pillows in your bed
    65. Sunscreen that is out of date
    66. Vases that do not have flowers and of no use
    67. Travel brochures that you got from an agency
    68. Old snacks that you bought for your pets, but they never eat them
    69. Makeup kits that have expired
    70. Old underwear
    71. Bras with broken wires
    72. Extra congratulation cards that actually do not mean anything to you
    73. Gifts that you bought for your friends but never got a chance to give them
    74. Same cookie utensils. Donate one of each.
    75. Key chains that are sitting idle in the cupboard and you will never be going to use them
    76. Old bills that you have already paid
    77. Picture frames that have been cracked or ruined
    78. A glue gun that does not serve your purpose
    79. Old lamp in the nightstand
    80. T-shirts that you got from promotional events
    81. The boxes your electronics come in
    82. Matches from the restaurants
    83. Extra baking dishes you never use
    84. Extra cookie cutters
    85. Past months newspapers
    86. Plastic bags that are not good for the environment
    87. Your prom dress you are never going to wear again
    88. Paper manuals that can be easily found online
    89. Out of fashion purses and bags
    90. Broken hangers
    91. Serving bowls that are very fancy, but you never use
    92. Bedroom decors that you do not like anymore
    93. Old paintings that do not go with the look of your house
    94. The couch that has worn out
    95. Extra magnets in your closet
    96. The swimsuit that doesn’t fit you
    97. Sewing kits if you are not into sewing
    98. Leather wallets that have worn out
    99. Old scarves you don’t wear anymore

    These are the 99 items that you must throw away or donate. As a result, you will have more space in your house, and it will look great.

    Let me know if you have more ideas regarding it.

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99 Items You Must Throw Away and Declutter for a Tidy Home

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